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    F.C. BARCELONA Thread [Season 2007/08]

    FUTBOL CLUB BARCELONA Més que un club! The Badge Camp Nou 50 years of our stadium! Team shirts 2007/08 Ronaldinho in the new shirts Home shirt 2007/08 Away shirt 2007/08 Founded: November 29th, 1899 Stadium: Camp Nou (98,787) President: Joan Laporta...
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    Sig request

    I almost never come here so I don't know who makes sigs these days, but I need one now so I thought I'd just ask. As for the sig, I'd like it to have the Barca logo and the Nou Camp. No players, no Rijkaard, no one, just the badge and the stadium. I don't want anything fancy, just make it...
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    Leo Messi sig request

    If anyone could make me a Leo Messi sig, it would be greatly appreciated. (Y) Include the logo, and some nice effects. Thx
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    La Liga Thread [Season 2006/07]

    Liga de Fútbol Profesional Ok, so the teams are: Athletic Bilbao Atlético Madrid FC Barcelona Real Betis Celta Vigo Deportivo Espanyol Getafe Gimnàstic Levante Real Madrid Mallorca Osasuna Racing Sevilla Real Sociedad Recreativo Valencia Villarreal Real Zaragoza...
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    F.C. BARCELONA Thread [Season 2006/2007]

    FUTBOL CLUB BARCELONA Més que un club Logo Camp Nou Home Kit 2006/07 Away Kit 2006/07 Founded: 1899 Ground: Camp Nou (98,787) Currently led by: Xavier Sala i Martin Manager: Frank Rijkaard Assistant Manager: Johan...
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    September eleventh

    - New York City has 11 letters - Afghanistan has 11 letters - Ramsin Yuseb (guy who threatened to take the Twins down in 1993) has 11 letters - George W Bush has 11 letters - New York is state number 11 - the first plane to crash into the Twins was flight number 11 - Flight eleven had 92...
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    UCL: Werder Bremen vs FC Barcelona [P+R]

    I think this deserves a thread. My prediction is 1-3. Klasnic vs Eto'o, Ronaldinho and Giuly.
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    I'm in that season and I'm looking to sign some good youngsters that will become great in like, 4 or 5 years. I did that with Holm and Mokoena and now I'm looking for others but the problem is, I can't find anyone young enough.I've been reading thru these threads and all the players mentioned...
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    Edgar Barreto

    Anyone have this guy? I'm in 2011 and I bought him from Bilbao for 20 million euros.He's pretty good, in his first three games he got 8, 9, 8. He's benched in my team so I don't play him too often. Does anyone who got further into the game know if he turns out to be great or not? Thnx.
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    What if you offer a good player around 50 million euros for a transfer, but outside of the transf.window.Then, when the window is near, you cancel the deal (I think you can do that, I am not sure if it's possible in FM but it was possible in CM0304).So the transfer doesn't go thru.But during...
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    Vanden Borre

    I've had him in my team for like, 2 yrs but he left the club recently. He wasn't getting (and wasn't going to get) playing time around more experienced and from what I've seen better players so I refused to offer him a wage of 55 000 euros p/w for not even being on the bench. He's played a few...
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    New contract for Ronaldinho

    I've been trying to extend Ronaldinho's contract for ages now. It got to the point where I offer him: 190 000 euros per week, 9.5 million euros signing on fee, until 2010, Key player, 9 000 euros appearance fee, 10 000 euros goal bonus, 9 500 euros assist bonus, 300 million euros release...
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    Bruggink and Kapo

    These two are insane. I'm in my second season with Barca and they are unbelieveable. I bought them both to be subs and they ended up being first team regulars.I play with one striker (Bruggink) while Saviola, Eto'o, Tristan and Larsson are benched.That should say enough about how f*ckin'...
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    Betis - FC Barcelona [P+R]

    It should be a tough match.Especially with the Madrid game coming up.That's the reason why I'm not too confident of this match.We should be resting some players and Belletti is injured, so... Ronaldinho will probably be out, too. As I said in the Barca thread, I think it was the Betis match...
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    Stadium names

    I am editing all stadium names and I don't know the names of all stadiums, so does anyone know where I can find a list or something? Thanks.
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    Edit Ability

    Do you edit player stats if you think they're unfair? I used to in PES and PES3 but some of the people that I play against thought I increased the abilities in my team just to win so I stopped editing. Tho I definitely think some players' need to have higher stats (Adriano). What do you...
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    So is anyone playing on 6 stars? I only created my Option file a couple of days ago :kader: so I haven't been able to buy anything from the WEshop until today. I bought the 6 stars option and have played on it.I must say it doesn't seem much harder than on 5 stars. Did anyone else try?
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    Lazio - Milan

    How come there isn't a thread? It will be a good one. Oh well, I'm gonna watch the game and I hope Milan can win. 0:2 :rockman: I ain't even sure the game is played in Rome. :confused:
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    High ,high scores.

    Hey. Lately I've been getting ridiculously high scores in PES3. I play against my friends and the result is usually 7-4 ,7-5 ,9-3 etc etc. It hasn't been like this before and I wanna know if some of you score so much. It is turning into one of those FIFA scores.
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    Is he the no.1 keeper in Shakhtar? Thanks!