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    Everton vs Chelsea [R]

    0 - 1 to Chelsea. Very exciting match for the full 90 minutes, Everton's James Beattie for some reason headbutted the back of Gallas' head in the 8th minute and got sent off. This could have been a blessing in disguise for Everton, as they focused on defense and had a few chances to...
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    How do I qualify for a custom title?

    And who has the authority to make me one? Thanks.
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    [EPL] Liverpool vs Manchester United [P]+[R]

    Saturday 15 Jan 2005 Kick-off: 12: 30 Man I cant wait. I missed the last two games vs Exeter and Chelsea and this is a really big game, we always perform well against tough teams. I expect "El Moro" to be shut down by "El Silvestoro" and we should win 2-0 again. Rooney and someone else...
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    The trade bug is still here..

    I'm sorry to announce that the trade bug is still existant in FM 2005. Here's how it works: Javier Mascherano is worth 4.4 mil, and I do an enquiry. River wants 12.5 mil for him. So I offer 8 mil plus Kleberson, who's worth 8 mil. They decline. So I do a test and remove Kleb, up the cash...
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    First Impressions: Editor

    Specs: P3 800mhz 512MB RAM (256mb PC133, 256mb PC150 upgraded) GeForce 2 MX 400 32mb 20GB Hard Drive, 1.3gb free space DirectX 9.1b Just loaded up the Editor..... this is my first time playing CM after doubling my RAM to play Planetside a couple of months ago. I had CM 03/04...
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    Passing and Cross ball

    I heard that Passing is the accuracy of your passes, and Cross Ball affects how effective or "dangerous" your long passes (long balls) are. Hmm. Then someone said Passing also affects short AND long passes. I'm trying to make a strategy that uses the wings, because I find my opposition...
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    Who threw the pea soup at Sir Alex Ferguson? [P]+[R]

    Who is the mystery soup chucker? By Wayne Veysey, Evening Standard 25 October 2004 Of all the weighty questions facing the Football Association today, by far the most important is: who threw the soup at Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson? All the main suspects went to...
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    Just want to make sure concerning Form...

    I've got a big competition coming up in the next few days, so I wanted to make sure I understand Form correctly. I joined about 8 Private Cups and 5 or so Friendly Leagues, I used to use my first team for all games, but last week three of my players needed to rest, so I learned to care for...
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    I'm thinking of doing something crazy... squad full of youths!

    Hey I'm thinking about this concept... Sell all your starting players, which I think is about 20, use the money to buy a star player. Then create youth center and get 16 youths. Buy 2-3 awesome coaches. In the end the weekly expenses should be just about as much as a regular team + couple of...
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    Can I import FIFA 2004 faces into 2005?

    I know I should have asked this in the Breamster forums but you guys probably wouldn't endorse that I go to another forum would you? ;) I found lots of really nice faces in Breamster but they are for FIFA 2004, wondering if I can import these into 2005 if I find the right ID myself. Thanks.