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    Fan's Behaviour (Fancards, Flags, Scarves, ETC.)

    As you may have noticed playing FIFA 15, fans behaviour on the stands are different depending from nationality: - English fans are used to wear scarves and rise them up on important matches; - Italian fans are used to wave flags and expose fancards in the whole stadium on important matches...
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    Euro 2016

    My Virtual Pro has been capped for the Euro 2016. Unluckily, I can't play the games. Tried to repair the game with Origin but have got the same issue. Any Help?
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    How Can You Become Captain Of Your Team???

    Hi! I'm playing Career mode: I'm almost 32 y.o. and my player has become one of the best 10 top player in the world (at least for ranking). I've been playing for the same team for almost 10 seasons but I was NEVER asked to become captain of the club, neither of the Scottish National team...
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    Editing Language Databases

    Hi mates, I tried to edit my local DB (ita_it.db) with DB Master 12 to change the names of some unlicensed teams and other minor changes. I saved the DB and it saved correctly as, if I open it again, I can see the changes I made. Nevertheless, when I launch the game it seems as if it ignores...
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    reduce half length

    Does anybody know how to reduce the half time length to 2-3 mins?
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    Bugs (?) in Player only career mode

    Hi all, I have two questions about the subject (otherwise I guess we'll have two GIANT bugs): 1) How can I ask my manager to be substituted? There are some games when my energy bar is low and I can't do anything because, if I do, the player would be injured. Otherwise, when the game is set...
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    How to change colours of the home/away crowds?

    Does anybody know what are the DB parameters to be edited to change the colours of the home/away crowds? :confused:
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    need some help with classic players in Manager Mode

    Hi mates, I hope you could help me with this problem I have with classic players. I added some classic teams in a different separated league. This League has no country, nor leagues or tournaments associated. It's just a way to put all these classic teams together. When I play in Manager Mode...
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    Crash in Pro Club & Country mode

    Hi you all! As you may know, the Pro Club & Country is one of the new interesting features of FIFA 10. Unluckily I experimented a crash in this mode due to some changes I made to the DB. I just tried to add some more National teams to the ones already present in FIFA10. Adding just teams...
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    I need help with the Stadium Builder tool

    Hi mates! I'm currently tring to convert some FIFA09 stadiums following a useful tutorial I've found on the Net. On this tutorial, one of the crucial passages is to import into the OIF file of the stadium structure, the new FIFA 10 crowds edited into a 3DS format. The ECP Stadium Builder has...
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    Referees AI

    Hi mates! During FIFA 10 development process I heard rumours about some changes in the referees AI, for example, the ref makes some mistakes, as it usually happens in real football. Moreover I thought there was the intention to have such mistakes, as it happens in real football, influenced...
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    Adding goalie and 3rd Kits

    Hi everyone! I'm trying to add some goalie and 3rd Kits to some teams in FIFA. Usually it works fine (added a proper line in the TEAMKITS table with the DBMaster tool), but when I try to add a goalie kit to a team that owns a 3rd Kit in the TEAMKITS table, FIFA crashes when it starts to load...
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    stadium shadows

    Does anybody know what are the files to be edited for the stadium shadows when you play in the daylight, and how should I edit them? On FIFA08 there was a PNG file in the CM08, but I never could make it work properly! :( Thanks!
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    Prayer to the "cinematics" gods

    Is there any way to convert the EURO 2008 cinematics for the winning ceremony for FIFA 08? It would be nice to see our squad celebrating rising a trophy rather than gathering around a ball (as if the ball was the trophy!!). Could someone do something about?
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    Help with Tournaments in Manager Mode

    Hi mates, I've searched in the forum for something like this but I didn't find anything. I'm currently playing a career in manager mode and last season I won the Scottish Premier League and the Scottish Cup. As you may know, the League winners are going to play Champions League while the...
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    Problems with stadia from 07 to 08

    Hi everybody, I thought that FIFA07 stadia were fully compatible with FIFA08, but yesterday I had a bad surprise. I installed the City of Manchester stadium (FIFAECP's version) in the FIFA08 home directory, but when I started to play there were that annoying MISSING TEXTURE writings on the...