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  1. shawminator

    CG File Server 16/decommissioned

    Gone Forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please stop using stadium server, I have collected enough information from all of you now and don't need you to use it any more, thank you for helping in my world domination plan,
  2. shawminator

    CG File Explorer 16

    Hey guys thought i would throw this out there, the following are a few screens from our fifa16 explorer as its still in the early stages there is only export function available, every file is exportable! kit files use a new chunlzma, (Decompressed in explorer) easf files (decrypted in explorer)...
  3. shawminator

    FIFA 15 Schedule Viewer

    Hi Guys. ive created a small tool to help when adding new competitions to fifa15 this tool will view any selected comp for that sepecific date, here is a small screen for more details and the download link please see my post on 3DGameDevBlog download link is at the bottom of the...
  4. shawminator

    Shawminator's Stadiums

    Hampden Park Download Celtic Park Download Ewood Park Download Pittodrie Stadium Download Ibrox Download Tynecastle Download St Mirren Park Download Rugby Park Download
  5. shawminator

    Stadium/Scorboard/Movie Server

    Stadium Server 15 will allow you to add and assign unlimited stadiums in FIFA 15, aswell overlays and intro match movies. Stadium Server 15 Version 0.5 - DOWNLOAD ServerMap.dll Update for those that get no ids -DOWNLOAD ServerMap.dll Update for use with modding way patch 1.6 and above...
  6. shawminator

    FIFA Crowd Converter

    Hi Guys, today I am releasing a small tool to convert fifa14 crowd .dat file to the correct format format to allow them to be used in fifa15. as we know Fifa 14 stadiums are compatible with fifa15 to a certain degree ( a small issue with the transparent textures ). this will allows us to have...
  7. shawminator

    FIFA 14 Stadium Server

    FIFA 14 Stadium Server (BETA) The tool allows you to add as many stadiums as you like in FIFA 14 without interfering with the db! The tool also has a built-in automatic stadium selection feature! Stadium Server For Origin Version ScoreBoard Server For Origin Version (Must Read the...
  8. shawminator

    FIFA 14 Stadium Swapper

    i'm releasing an app ive been working on called Fifa 14 Stadium swapper, this app is a sort of manual stadium server type thing. you keep all the user created stadiums in a folder called eg... Stadiums and just before a match you alt-tab out of the game and select the home team from a dropdown...
  9. shawminator

    SPFL Stadiums by Shawminator

    I thought i would start a thread to show the stadiums im working on this year. first though, a big thanks to arianos10 for making it poossible :clap: FIR PARK- Replaces stadium id 178 (stadion nerder) previews included for ui/Artassets folder Download :- CELTIC PARK replaces...
  10. shawminator

    Shawminators Fifa 12 SPL Stadiums

    Here is my first upload for Fifa 12 link to my photobucket profile:- Fir Park Stadium for Motherwell FC Download Link:- it uses id 228 (court lane)the stadium is just sunny day at the moment not sure...
  11. shawminator

    Celtic Park

    Celtic Park:- Tannadice Park:- ive included in the rar two crowd files, ive brightened them up and made it one row only, i think it...
  12. shawminator

    SPL Stadiums

    im going to post my stadiums in here to keep them all together. Rugby Park Download:- Pittodrie Dowload:- Fir park (Motherwell FC) Download:- the tag file is...