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  1. WhoDaWhat

    Has Neymar's transfer destroyed football?

    Okay so SG was offline when the transfer took place so now I would love to hear your opinions regarding neymar's departure to PSG and the huge, unrealistic fee involved. Personally I think the world's gone crazy. Money shouldn't be splashed around like that. This would destroy the smaller...
  2. WhoDaWhat

    Bigger Avatars

    Title says it all, no need to elaborate further.
  3. WhoDaWhat

    Request: Street Stadium

    Is there any street or futsal style stadium for fifa 14? If not can someone create it? I would be very grateful.
  4. WhoDaWhat

    Help Making Futsal/Street style pitches

    Hi guys. I really wanted to give a street experience to fifa 14 therefore i decided to give it a shot. I made the custom tracksuits for some big teams and then I decided to make the pitch, which would look like a futsal pitch. according to the FIFA 13 cemented pitch tutorial, only the pitch...
  5. WhoDaWhat

    FUTSAL/STREET Style Turfs Help

    Hello every one i wanted to make some futsal style turfs so i gave it a shot, I followed the fifa 13 method of only editing the pitchcommon textures and made the turf blue here are the pictures. What I did: What I got: You can see that the turf remains green, no matter...