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  1. Pogba4Now

    Your team of the decade 2010-2020

    I am posting this thread as an attempt to bring the old boys back because we all know everyone here love these "top 11" threads back in the day.
  2. Pogba4Now

    Building my second desktop

    Building the first one was a lot of fun. Its almost 3 years old now and is still a very solid PC so absolutely no regrets. I was able to play GTA V on maximum graphics, obviously FIFA 17 works fine on max settings and even more demanding games like the latest Tomb raider worked fine on high...
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    Who do you want your team to buy/sell this summer?

    For Man Utd: Buy: 1. A left footed right winger. Griezmann would be a dream despite the fact that he is best as a striker in a 2 man attack 2. A Centre Back to partner Bailly. Sell: 1. Fellaini - can be helpful at times but I hate a player of his kind. Clumsy and has no technical skills. He...
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    New Kits 2017/2018

    Man Utd - looks quite nice except for the collar.
  5. Pogba4Now

    who will break the transfer record this summer?

    It wouldn't be surprise if the transfer record is broken again this summer. Who do you think will be the next player who breaks the record as most expensive player?
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    QOTW: Should Arsene Wenger be sacked?

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    Manchester United v/s Liverpool [P] + [R]

    Remember those [P] + [R] threads? Haven't seen one in a while. I'm not quite sure what the [P] + [R] means but whatever. I want to see if a thread like this would still attract members. These forums are dead. I realistically predict a draw. 1-1. Scorers: Mata and Fellaini own goal.
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    QOTW: Has the "side midfielder" role becoming obsolete?

    4-4-2 was the standard formation for years until about a decade ago. We are used to seeing 2 strikers and right and left midfielders who would generally operate deeper than the modern wingers. An important asset of their game would be to cross the ball. A classic example would be David Beckham...
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    How's your football career going?

    Remember we used to have a forum dedicated specifically in your football career? These forums were not active enough I guess and that's not surprising. I'm not too sure how this thread will work out now that we no longer have these forums. Post everything you want here regarding your football...
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    Someone change my username back to Pogba4life please. I am not kidding! Sent from my SM-G935W8 using Tapatalk
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    League Champions 16/17 Prediction Thread

    I saw this thread and decided to create one for this season, 12 years later. Predict here who you think will win the league's of these country's (add more if wish) this season (2003-2004). You can predict...
  12. Pogba4Now

    New Kits 2016/2017

    I will start with some EPL kits: Interesting design. Not so bad. This looks gay. I don't like it The above is for newly promoted Boro people don't seem to like the Arsenel one very much but I like it except for the collar Not bad but I'm sure Liverpool fans...
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    Mourinho United thread 2016-17

    We are being linked to Pogba again and a Mexican winger called Lozano, but he is right footed and plays mostly left wing. We have too many players for that position.
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    Soccer boots recommendation

    I have not played outdoor football in a very long time (played mostly futsal for years) but I will be playing football regularly now - once or twice a week. I started last week with my very old Total 90 Nikes and at the end of the game, the left one broke. These are the ones: Any...
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    What will happen to Leicester City after this season?

    Leicester are (almost) EPL champions, will get some money from winning the title and will get considerable amount of money in the Champions league. The last time a team other than Man U, Man City, Chelsea and Arsenal won the league was Blackburn in 1994/95. 4 seasons later, they were...
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    QOTW: Worse looking WAGs you can think of?

    I thought a "best looking WAGs" thread would have been pointless because most WAGs are good looking. I thought a "worst WAGs" thread would make more sense. I will start with a few I can think off the top of my mind who play for Man U: Ashley Young's: Not good enough for an average guy let...
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    The De Gea saga continues. What went wrong?

    Because there's so many versions of what happened, thought I'd open a thread to discuss this ongoing saga. Real Madrid is blaming man U and man U is blaming Real Madrid. This is what Real Madrid claim: And this is what Man U claim: Discuss.
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    Official SG 'WORST Barcelona Fan of the Year' Competition

    In the light of the popular Barca member of the year thread, thought this one would be interesting too.
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    When will my yellow card expire?

    I have been on a yellow card since more than 2 year! :kader:
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    Your current top XI

    It's been the longest time ever that we haven't had this famous thread. Post your current top 11. Yeah I know Lahm is a DM now but I liked him when he played as wing back. Also, Mascherano when not wasted as a centre back is one of the best DM in the world as we have seen in the WC. Hummels...