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    ::CJD 17's Scoreboards [NEW Base]::

    Hi! Remember me ? :P (for those who dont I m da guy who made the base for Sbs which is still used in FF12 :P) Wow, posting here after a real looonnng time. Thx to college and work I barely get a chance to edit FIFA anymore :/ Well that been said , some of you all mite remember that I was...
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    ::CJD17's HQ Scoreboards & Popups Workshop::

    ====EPL SCOREBOARD DOWNLOAD ====23 November 2010 UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE SCOREBOARD v1 ::Not for release. Because made on a very Old Base. REQUEST ON ;)
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    .::CJD17's Face Thread::.

    Welcome to my FIFA11 Face Thread :D
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    How to Add Specific Faces For Players with Generic ones?

    How to Add Specific Faces For Players with Generic ones? I have tried editing the db but the player comes headless in game xD 'EDIT I think i got it. so never mind :D
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    ::Ultimate Switcher 10::

    Post Reserved
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    ==TV Graphics Switcher==

    X Tv Popups & Scoreboard Tool
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    .::CJD17's Face Thread::.

    Hi Guys, I tried to make some faces for FIFA 10 :)
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    .::::::CJD 17's Thread::::::.

    Welcome To My FIFA10 Editing Thread DOWNLOADS :::::::::POPUPS::::::::: Uefa Champions League This adds UCl style popups to your game Serie A Popups and Scoreboard This patch adds Sky Sports Style popups to FIFA10 Console Style Popups This patch adds Console/Xbox/PS3 style...
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    Game Has Become Slow :(

    I do not know way but my game has become very slow :( . I have tried installing a clean copy but still the game works slow. While you play the match th game freezes for a second and then continues. Not even if you change Screen resolution, Detail, level, 3d grass, etc till kick off the game...
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    .:CJD17 Boot Room:.

    Hi Guys!!! I decided since it is better late then never, I tried making some boots. I know my boots do not have the Quality of our fantastic boot makers, but i decided to give it a try any way :) Please Be Easy With Your Comments As this is my First Boot Nike Tiempo Mystic II FG -...
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    Confed Cup Popups

    I have made the confed cup popups but i do not know how to use hex editor to change the team name colour. can anyone tell me which line i have to change?
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    .::::::cjd17 face thread::::::.

    Here is my first face for FIFA09 Antonio Valencia (Man Utd) Orignal Picture Comments?
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    Gameplay Problem

    I have a problem. My FIFA 09 works very slowly. The frames come very slowley and the game cracks. I think it is due to the frames in cfg_pc_h can anyone tell me the max frames i can put?
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    .::::::CJD 17's THREAD::::::.

    Hi ! I am CJD17 a fifa editor from India. Here I will post my work for FIFA09 I MAKE SCOREBOARDS POPUPS ADBOARDS FLAGS LOGOS ==========I accept request for Scoreboards and popups========== I do not have a Graphic card so I cannot post in game pictures. So guys please post in game pictures and...