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    Controller Configurations

    Heres something I didnt see anyone really talk about. Voice your opinion on how you would setup the controller gameplay for all systems (PS2, Xbox, PC, GC). This way if EA reads this they can see how the consumers want the controllers setup as default and how it will effect the gameplay...
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    Heres an Idea, post the things youd like to see in the Fifa 2006 Store. But post them in the order that is most important to you. This way if EA reads this they get an idea on what is the #1 most important thing to you on unlockables.
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    Hey everyone, How would everyone like the menu's to be like. For example colors, artwork, layout. Post what you would like to see.
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    Game settings....

    No every game has there own game settings, in sports games anyways they have, game speed, difficulty, music, sounds etc... Now which type of settings would you like to see in Fifa 2006, I know some of you might think that this is pretty dumb but I know alot of people onces complained about being...
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    FIFA 2006 Store

    Well we had the Fifa 2005 store, what type of unlockable iteams do you want and how many of each categorie. Here's my list. - Instead of unlocking "night stadiums" why not unlock like 10-15 Stadiums which includes (night,day,dusk,etc..) and make it all new stadiums which we havent seen in...
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    Reviewing games

    How many people reviewing soccer games actually play soccer?
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    Soccer balls

    Hi everyone, Ive been thinking about something for some quite time and I was wondering that if EA can't get licenses to real balls, would it be better if they could atleast make up there own "special" balls and have them unlockable and letting you be able to choose whichever you want to use...
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    Question for all....

    How many of you have actually played the game of soccer? and be honest.....