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    FIFA 07 Cover

    The cover looks good, I dont know about ronaldinho's huge head on there, but its a very nice cover actually. Would be even better with other players though ;) besides the same two from last year. I think they should go with someone like, C. Ronaldo, Podolski, Luis Valencia, etc.. like young...
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    Is This Becoming The Poorest WC Ever?

    To me a lot of people remember the WC through how many goals were scored and how people scored them, true but to me thats not the whole reason behind what makes it a great world cup. Considering group games and knock-out games there has been some very good games so far.. - Australia's come...
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    World Cup Opening Ceremony on TV in the USA

    I think an opening ceremony for something like this is very important and just as important as the trophy presentation. First thing they are two diffrent things, ones in the begining and the other is at the end, but in concept they are both the same. The opening ceremony should be a somewhat...
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    One more reason WE kicks Fifa's *ss

    What I see most is people with FIFA editing gameplay and people with PES/WE editing graphics... Hmm practically same sh*t but diffrent game, both having to edit something to make the game more authentic and realistic. One thing I really hate is people saying how much they need to edit Fifa's...
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    Well Sh_t?! IGN scored it an 8.4 !!!!!!!!!

    Thats why I dont usually take review scores into consideration because like the manager mode for example, true they could of added it in for a international campaign but the whole point of the game is The World Cup Tournament. I mean this isnt a FIFA 06, 07, 08 etc.. game so I for one wouldnt...
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    first bug found!

    :| Umm where did that come from?
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    One more reason WE kicks Fifa's *ss

    FIFA, you've never heard of it? The Federation Internationale De Football Association. Try checking out.... or :)
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    One more reason WE kicks Fifa's *ss

    But in Fifa you have the green bar, like what jumbo said. I mean its practically the same thing if you ask me. Oh and some of you are still seeing who "wins"?
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    Fifa06 vs PES5

    If that was true then that wise man is an absolute idiot. :rofl:
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    I would watch yours but I cant figure out what type of file that is. :nape:
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    What is wrong with this game?

    In bold, thats your problem, its your job security. I dont come on here much because of christmas and playing FIFA but seriously when I do I get a huge laugh because you guys obviously don't know how to play a managment game. If you blow all your money then the "board" (like in real life) wont...
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    FIFA 06 - XBox 360

    Well I wont take the 6/10 too much to heart because on IGN there giving al the 360 games like 6-7/10 I havent seen anything over 7.5/10 so for me I dont think any of the games released so far are any good. I say wait until next year to really judge FIFA. Because I think this is only a filler...
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    Portuguese Liga Patch 06

    Oh ok good reason enough, it was just an opinion :)
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    Portuguese Liga Patch 06

    That ball looks pretty damn nice looking. I was thinking along the lines of half green and half red with a yellow line seperating the two. But that looks pretty good. You could maybe change the blue lines to yellow and have the addidas logo in maybe blue or black. Like the one you posted...
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    Portuguese Liga Patch 06

    That sucks, It would of been pretty cool to be playing with a ball like that. :D
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    Portuguese Liga Patch 06

    Mouta, you know what I would like to see. It would be cool if you guys could create a custom portuguese ball. Like have one half red, the other half green and have a yellow strip down the middle. Just a nice simple green, yellow, red ball just for the portuguese community. If you do, dont make...
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    Portuguese Liga Patch 06

    Hey thats a pretty nice looking layout. One question how come the logo has the blue background and the yellow strips? What are they supposed to represent?
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    Portuguese Liga Patch 06

    Ahh so whats he trying to do? Find someone to host your site or finishing up a deal?
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    Portuguese Liga Patch 06

    Could we see somesort of a website teaser? Such as a banner or anything lol. I dont know im just curious lol.
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    Portuguese Liga Patch 06

    Heck , if you want feedback on the site, I can always give you my opinion. Well when do you think it might go up, a few days, a week, 3 week etc..? Can't wait.