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    Virtual Pro ID

    hi, anyone here can tell me the ID of virtual pro online player? thx in adv
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    Kurlboy's Balls

    im back mates with my first ball for FIFA15 adidas lusitania (portuguese fantasy ball) Link: Nike Ordem AFC Cup 2015 Link: Adidas Europa League 14-15 Link...
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    Help With Balls

    sorry to open a post just to ask this, how can i extract RX3 files of balls? thx in advance
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    Kurlboy's Balls

    Hi mates, ill put here my future works... :D
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    stadiums online

    is anyway to change the stadiums to play online ie: friendlys or seasons?? im sick of default ones... if yes, how can i change them? :)
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    Stadiums Online

    anyone knows if its possible or not to play with added on stadiums in online mode? im sick and tired of playing in the same stadiums...
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    ../| Kurlboy Works |\..

    [NOTE: IF SOME LINK DO NOT WORK PLS LET ME KNOW] hi mates im back with champions league adboards :) - electric - normal rar file contains electric adboards in rx3, dont forget to regenerate :) -------- Nike Incyte...
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    hi, i have about 250 balls of fifa12/13... anyone can tell me if they work or not and how to install them?
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    Realistic Turf

    anyone is workin on grass textures? i dont want those 3D, i just dont want this concrete field on my game :( i hate it i dont know how to extract and import files to my game, if someone tell me i can try, thanks
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    Boots Help Please

    i dont know why i cant see ronaldo messi iniesta boots, and now i only see BLACK/WHITE Generic EA Boots, it pisses me off, i cant solve this issue, is any way to fix this? :(
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    Playing With Stadiums Online

    ey mates, i have some stadiums... but i try to play with them online... and always crash, giving me an error of synchronization, are there any form to play with custom stadiums online? please help me
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    Kurlboy Balls & Adboards

    ill put here my works, dont make too many requests and respect my job Adidas Terrestra Link: Link2: Adidas...
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    why u no make subforums to editing and support like in past year, when i enter here im very confuse searching editing threads between random stuff threads sorry my bad english
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    .:: padshance thread BALLS & ADBOARDS ::.

    my first balls @ FIFA12 Adidas Tricolore World Cup 98: Adidas Champions League Fantasy Black: Adidas Adipure Red...
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    attack/defense button switch issue!!!!

    hello, i have a very hard problem to solve :( well... i played all years of my entire life in legacy mode and now i have to switch to tactical mode to play in some competitions, and i want to redefine my joypad keys to where i want... but i cant. and the issue is very simple: i want my...
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    Logitech dual action analog/dpad mod

    for those who hate square analogs of logitech dual action my recent mod =) rounded analog base concave dpad instead of convex analog kisses xD
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    EA Patch conflict with my addons

    i mates! i need some help, why my game ask me for the EA PATCH after i put some new balls (my game is already eapatched)?
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    Kurlboy stuff

    hi all today ill start with my 1st new adboards, when i have some empty time ill make ball's too FIFA WC 1986 ADBOARDS: Nike Acuto & ps: i need a nice image host, can anyone tell me a fine site to host my adboards and balls?
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    nike T90 Ascente ball

    i saw this ball few at few hours ago but seems to me very hard to make this one... i dont know if anyone can do or no but anyway ill post the images here ^^ thanks