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  1. *aLe

    Which DB should I edit?

    Hello everyone, noob question here. I've been editing FIFA for years in the Impact Engine/Ignite era and it's the first time I try and edit a Frostbite game (I'm trying to add real names/crests/kits to Serie A teams, nothing more). I got everything set up (FIFA Editor Tool, FIFA Mod Manager)...
  2. *aLe

    ale85bg's stolen (?) kits

    Well, it's been a long time! Why "stolen" kits? Because not all kits posted in this thread will be mine. I'll definitely "borrow" some kits from EA (or from other editers which made them available for everyone to use) and re-use them for the purpose. What's the purpose? Fantasy teams. I was...
  3. *aLe

    [REQ] Body Models?

    Hi everyone, I saw in this thread that they've been able to modify player bodies, so I assume we're also able to modify the collars. There are two collar types that are "missing" in FIFA14 and are these ones: The first one is basically a "model 11" with a shortened collar, while the second...
  4. *aLe

    *aLe's Editing Shack 2.0

    It's been a long time since the last kit I posted here, but... I decided to start again with something different (which maybe is useless but at least it's fun to do). So let's start with the first set! KEEPER KIT PLAYER KITS Have fun! :D
  5. *aLe

    *aLe's editing shack

    Well, here we are eventually... Maybe someone of you already knows me but let's cut a long story short: after years and years editing PES kits, I've switched to FIFA. And I really couldn't stay far from kitmaking for long... So here I will post my attempts at making kits for FIFA 12 :) You...