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    The Unofficial New Years Thread

    Happy New Years to everyone, especially those in the EU who are almost there. Whats everyone doing and where you going? i'm about to leave and go start early........!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Well i'm studying abroad next semester at Temple Rome and I want to know some stuff about it before I get there.... Can any Italians here recommend some good night spots, clubs, bars, sights, food,...etc and especially where to find the most beautiful Italian women? And about how far is Rome...
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    Upgrading Laptop

    Im thinking of upgrading my Dell Inspiron 5100 laptop with a new hard drive and more memory. For the hardrive, I understand that Norton Ghost is good to use to transfer over. Has anybody used it before or is there a better program? Also, what hardrives do you guys recommend? thx
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    deleting players?

    how the hell do you delete a player? Just started a new game with Steaua and Cyril Thereau is listed twice? What do I do? I can't figure out how to delete him thru FM editor? thx
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    UEFA Video On Demand

    anyone else have this? it's more than an hour after the games ended, and they're still not available on the site. WTF? How soon do they come up?
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    WE9 PS2 patches??

    Hi, I am wondering if there's any way to hook my ps2 up online and somehow edit the ps2 version of we9 with the Romanian League which is already available for PES5? thanks....
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    Your favorite beer.....

    lately, i can't get enough of
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    why Brazil lost.....
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    please help - fm06

    Hi. I am in need of the english.ltc file in the languages folder. If anyone is willing to send it to me I would be so grateful..... Thanks
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    is anyone taking any requests for those cool little scarfs out there? I'd love one with Steaua on it, but have no clue how to make one..... -thanks in advance
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    I dunno if this has been posted before but some of the stuff is crazy nontheless.... it's a chinese form of futbol....
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    [UEFA Cup] Rapid - Steaua -1st leg

    I think it will be a very balanced game with lots of action on both ends. Maybe a 2-2 draw or hopefully a Steaua win. whats your predictions?
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    Diskspace problem.........

    I'm having problems with my disk space on my dell laptop. I somehow only have 700 mb left of memory and just about 2 days ago I had several gb. I dont know what happened but when I check my All Users folder in Documents and Settings it says the folder is 8 gb or so. However when i go into the...
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    Wireless Home Network

    I posted this here because I'm hoping more people would read it since it's kind of urgent. Please move it if needed to.... Anyways, I just got a laptop for college and it has a wireless card. I got a wireless router for my desktop and I'm trying to transfer some files to my laptop. How...
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    [R] Holland - Romania

    Wow. This is a deciding game for us. If everything goes according to plan, I can see us pull off a win if Mutu plays good.
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    UEFA CUP Steaua - Valencia

    21st minute 0-0. strong start for Steaua; hit the post and numerous shots on goal..... FORZA STEAUA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Chivu to AC Milan....¿¿

    Apparently, Milan want him as a replacement for Maldini, and it looks promising..... That would be so awesome!!!!
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    Most watched goal on the net.......

    Most watched goal......
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    [P][R] Czech Rep. - Romania

    Damn..... this will be a good one..... Hope we get the win.... it'll be hard.....
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    [R] CSKA Sofia - Steaua Bucuresti

    2-2 FT and Steaua are through...... I don't like the fact that we gave up 2 goals after being 2-0 . but I'm happy....:rockman: :rockman: :rockman: :rockman: