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  1. a L E x _ 1 O

    alex1O's Editing v16.0

    Hey guys, glad to see you again!! Here you'll find all the latest releases related to your FIFA16, with new fresh colorways and new shoes in .rx3, new stadiums, new 3D animated adboards, new kits, new suits, new footballs and much more. Stay tuned, we'll spend a long year together once again...
  2. a L E x _ 1 O

    aLEx_1O's Graphics

    Hi guys, how you doin'!? :shades: I hope everything goes well for you and I hope that this year we can share many more creations...'nuff said!! Just to warm up, let's start with my first sideline tracksuits and bibs templates: Juventus F.C. Tracksuit Juventus F.C. Tracksuit - Champions...
  3. a L E x _ 1 O

    aLEx_1O Rises - "We Are 14"

    Hi guys, I'm coming back another time :D pending for new tools to decrypt and edit .rx3 files, let's start another great season with my textures :) But first...I want to thank you, one-by-one, because the success had in my last thread was totally unexpected for me :) (almost 7OO.OOO VISITS :o...
  4. a L E x _ 1 O

    aLEx_1O's Rises

    Hello guys!! :innocent_smile_1: This time I definitely return back to editing our beloved FIFA, and I've chosen a very special day: today is my 21st birthday, and I hope you can appreciate the gift that I'm making to you!! :) Well, we will start with the new CTR360!! This year I hope to...
  5. a L E x _ 1 O

    aLEx_1O's Kits (2012-13 Season)

    Hi My Friends!! :) Do you remember me?! :innocent_smile_1: sorry for the lack, but I had some probs... :md: Fortunately, now everything is all right!! (Y) I'll start whit some work on my beloved F.C. Juventus (obvious...THREE STARS!! <3 ) and PSG!! ;) Stay Tuned!! :cool: P.S. I accept...
  6. a L E x _ 1 O

    aLEx_1O's Edit Zone

    Hi guys!!I'm aLEx_1O, an Italian editer , and I'll post here all my graphic works (kits, boots, adboards, balls etc...) for FIFA11!! (in the past I've edited only PES for pc & ps2!!) :innocent_smile_1: I'll start with Juventus F.C. adboards!! ATTENTION!! You can see all my works and...