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    Referee collars

    Hi, again. I wonder if anyone of you know how to change all the referee kit collars, from collar 0 to collar 8?
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    Trophies images.

    Hi. I wanna ask a single question. I remember that in FIFA 07 there used to be a patch to replace the Championship trophies with more real images of them. So, is there a FIFA 10 version of that patch, or there's someone who do those images?
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    Question about a mod

    Hi. I saw around a lot of forums pics like this: I know there's a lot of patches for untucked shirts. What I'm interested is if there's a mod to put the front number of the shirt on the right side, like you can see in the pic above. Thanks for answering.
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    Trouble with FIFA 10

    Hi. I have a question regarding 10. I've edited my game with CM10. But, I've uninstalled because of some trouble with a patch. The problem is, when I made a fresh installation, and after reinstalling CM10, when I opened it, nothing has changed. The custom kits, the adboards, even the database...
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    Referee Boots

    Hey, guys. I wanna ask if anyone of you knows how to change the boots of the referees. I'm sick of seeing the generic boots of referees, and I don't know what to do. Please, help me. And thanks in regard.
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    Delete kits

    Hey guys. Are you know how to delete the kit of a team? That's because i export the liverpool 2gk kits in the game, but i don't want to play with the 1gk third kit of the 2002/03 season. Are you know how to make it?
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    Rosters Update 4.0

    Hey guys. I've got a question. I downloaded the Rosters Patch 4.0. It work fine, but, i want to play in the European competitions with the new teams was added to the game. Are you know who I can play with those teams? P.S. This is the patch what I'm talking about...