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    saving replays?

    how do you save replays to the hard drive on the 360 version? or can you only upload them to xbox live?
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    camera angles

    this sucks. they don't have the view that i'm used to. I play with the broadcast camera as if you were watching it on tv but they have got rid of it in 08. why? is there a way to unlock more or something?
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    Anna Nicole Smith..... Dead

    Just heard.... wtf happened?
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    Can you spot the 75 bands in this picture?

    Not sure if this has been posted before since I'm not on here a whole lot anymore. There is 75 bands in this picture - old and new. Can you spot them all? I've found about 27 so far. I won't name any yet. I'll let you guys have a go.
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    Stadium List

    Just wondering where I can find a list of all the real stadium names in PES4 instead of the crappy generic ones such as 'old lady stadium' :nape: Thanks
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    Making an image from scratch #4

    Hey guys. It's been a while since I've done one of these (drawing/airbrushing an image from scratch in photoshop). Other ones I did were Fat Mike from NOFX, Good Charlotte and Blink 182. This time I'm drawing Lagwagon now that I've finally found the energy to do one because they really do take...
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    Can someone please tell me the name of this Windows font?

    I'm pretty sure this font is on one of the windows cd's but it's not currently on my computer. I think I used to have it but I really need to use it now, however I cant remember the name of it. Can anyone help me out?
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    Huge update on my Deviantart page.

    Today I went and did 6 panorama shots for my Deviantart page. Although they are not true panoramas since I used the photo merging software that came with my camera. I'm still pretty pleased with the way they turned out and I also did a bit of colour enhancement on them all with a bit of a warm...
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    Image from scratch #3 Blink 182

    This is the 3rd picture I am making from scratch, this time of Blink 182. Once again I am doing this for a friend so they wanted me to do this picture. This is probably the easiest one so far because there is not much of a variation in colours (white background and black clothes) but my friend...
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    I just watched the season final of Joe Average and she picked the hunk instead of the 'Joe Average' guy :rolleyes: . Dayumm I feel sorry for him, he had a way better personality than the other guy but that biatch went for looks instead. :( :kader: :kader: :kader:
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    Kids game shows. They are just laughable!!!

    Haha, omg I love watching these shows. The kids are absolutely retarted, I just shout at my TV because they are so dumb. The show i'm watching at the moment is called Download and in a way it's sort of like 'Hangman' where you have to fill in the letters in the blank spaces. For example blank...
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    Jerry Springer - Real or not?

    This show is fun to watch but I'm confused about whether it's actually real or not. Some people say it's all just actors and others say that it's real. Do you watch it? What are you're opinions? :mrpimp:
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    **2004 Formula 1 Discussion Thread**

    Well the first practice session of the Melbourne F1 Grand prix just finished and Michael Schumacher has broken the track record with a 1:25.127 beating Barrichello by 0.234 seconds. Here are the results of the first practice session.
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    Photoshop CS (Photoshop 8)

    Has anyone used this new version? If so what do you think of it. Is it a major step from Photoshop 7? Heres a link to some information...
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    Whats the name of that program?...

    You know that little program you can download for windows where you can shoot, smash the screen with a hammer, set fire and I think also you can make ants crawl around and they eat whatever is on your screen. Does anyone remember what the name of this is called? :confused: Thanks
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    Skype - Make free calls from your PC anywhere in the world

    I'm not sure if anyone has posted this before but my dad showed me this really cool program that lets you make free calls anywhere in the world. Plus it's also free to download and the sound quality is way better than your normal home phone. He showed me this the other night and he was talking...
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    I'm making a compilation CD of just Ska music (punk music but with trumpets etc.) so could anyone (William, Lennon, Tom Green???) with a good knowledge of punk or ska please reccomend some really good ska songs for my CD. So far I have... Capdown - Ska Wars Capdown - Cousin Cleotis Less...
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    Making an image from scratch #2

    Most of you probably remember the picture of Fat Mike which I created from scratch in photoshop. Well i've been meaning to do another one for a while but just haven't got around to doing it. The next one i'm making is a pic of 2 guys from Good Charlotte. I think they suck and their music is gay...
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    Need help writing a song...

    OK, my friend's punk band are low on ideas and I said that I'd help them come up with some songs by writing some lyrics. Well I was wondering if any of you guys could think of a topic for a punk song or even better - think up some funny lyrics (since their type of punk band is the type that...
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    My Fat Mike picture is complete!!!

    I posted this in the other thread but it's not a work in progress anymore since i've finished it. Here it is (mine is on the right). Please post your comments. :) EDIT: Updated his face and hair a little bit.