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    Button Config

    I've just bought a gamepad for making the game better since I've been bored for some time. It's really funny but it doesn't really work as I want it to. Right now I can use it, but not as my first control as pes crashes when I try to enter button configuration in the Options menu. I would...
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    Well here's my problem or question I know the likes of Ronaldinho and C.Ronaldo are able to do the elastico or flip-flap or whatever. But if I wan't to add it to say Torres who's done it in real life how can I do that? Is it even possible? Thx for your time
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    Facelist for PES5

    Does anyone have a good facelist for pes5? It would be awesome since many times you don't know what face to take away. If anyone have plz post here
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    Emilins bootpack

    Made my first bootpack. And I thought I can contribute it you all. These are the boots: And here's the link for DL: Most of the boots are Capelas and some are just from this site...
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    Bootpack request!

    Could anyone make me this bootpack.. I tried make it on my own with a tutorial but I don't get anything :S thx in advance /emil
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    How do I add bootpacks ?

    When I'm trying with GGS it says that the file is to big and that I should try to load the pictures in .bmp or something like that and then when I press ok some other warning text comes up can someone plz help
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    Wicked goal :D Enjoy !
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    Longer matches ?

    how can I plplay longer matches ? because now it just ends right away, and thats disturbing :/
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    How to play

    I'm just wondering how you have your settings to forwards, strikers and centerbacks do you play your forwards and strikers differently ? appreciate any help
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    Team Help

    Hello everyone ! I need some help with my team and how to play This is my team: and this is my team instructions: I play most of my players as presets to their position I'm just a couple of days to the winter transfer window and I'm wondering if you have any suggestions what to...
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    Looking for good(cheap) Att. Midfielder

    I need someone thats pretty young and that can replace Aimar if he has a bad game or if he is tired, with my current team I have no-one who can I have about 6-7M Euro's to spend Appreciate any help
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    Avatar Request !

    an avatar like the one I have now, with Torres shirt and Velasco if possbile thx in advance guys !
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    Team Chants thread !!

    I didn't see one so I though it was time to start one Here you can feel free to vote on the best team chant and also post links to them, feel free to be the first one Myself would like a chant for Aimar ! :D
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    Goal Capture program

    Im using fraps atm but that program sucks imo So I would like to know what you guys are using
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    Here is the bins for all known faces !
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    Changing Hair ?

    I want to just change the hair of Fiore in my game But when I go to Apperances>Head then its a totally other face, how can I just change the Hair ? thx in advance
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    Valencia Thread [2004 - 2005]

    VALENCIA CF [2004-2005] 6 League Titles Season 1941/42 Season 1943/44 Season 1946/47 Season 1970/71 Season 2001/02 Season 2003/04 6 Cup Titles 1941 1949 1954 1967 1979 1999 1 UEFA Title 2003/04 VALENCIA 2 - OLYMPIQUE DE MARSELLA 0 Vicente...
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    Confidence ?

    I've been out Injured for quite a while and now when I got back into the game I've had such bad confidence in myself What do you think I should do ?
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    Types of Chairmen

    Got this from another forum
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    Sig/Banner request !

    Ok its like this I would want two sigs First: Vicente, Cañizares, the Valencia log and the name J Villeneuve Second: Mista, Aimar, Logo and the name J Villeneuve It would be awesome if you made it like a banner, its for my Future web page, maybe the double size a Signature Well...