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    My Classic EPL Project

    Hi Guys i feel like sharing with you a little project of mine that i began gathering the resources for over a year ago, its an idea i got from my many by years of creating classic patches for wrestling games, this has been (and will continue to be) a long process, but i think i have gotten to...
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    Tony Spikes Kit Workshop

    my other thread is mostly for classic stuff, but this thread is for any improvements and tweaks i wish to make to my copy of the game, i have added a lot of kits that were not in the latest moddingway mod, and added some stuff based on football manager 14 database so some of these things...
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    Tony Spikes Classics Workshop

    i should probly put this in fifa 15 by now, but since im going to be using 14 for the forseeable future im going to put them here im going to be making classic stuff of every variety i can think of mostly for my own satisfaction so please dont request im not doing this full time, so heres how...
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    RP league

    just wondering if anyone would be interested i am creating one using FIFA 14 ...i was gonna film the matches for personal enjoyment but i was wondering if anyone would be interested in me giving people the opportunity to each create a team (kits balls ect) ..i add them to my FIFA then film...