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    boots help needed

    he can someone help me i i download an bootpack they tell me i readme that there are 9 boots but if i install them i get 6 boots only and by the way can some one tell me i my game going slow can konami patch 1.10 or 1.11 fix that because i have already patch 1.3 but i want to hear the 5 chants...
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    help needed

    i have a problem witch the necks on pes3 but now i have download color fix and ppf o matic or something like that but now i ask i someone i he can give me a manual or something that i can use thankkkzzzz
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    arnaldo make plzz faces

    he arnaldo you maked a lot of good faces for fifa 2004 and plzz did you want to make then to for pes 3 i have heard that some one at socceraccess will make spanish faces so you can ask him for the program plzz i want to have pes 3 faces
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    Phill neville

    He can you give phil neville and bellion a try here is a pic of phil i am searching for bellion pics here is the pic:
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    how to make faces

    HE, Can someone tel me excactly how to make faces in steps so want you need for program, how to make changes,evertin what i most now. and also how to the .fsh files. plzz some one tel me i think that i can make good faces. thankz.
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    i can't import john oshea

    I download the face of john oshea but wen i import the face i open fifa 2004 but then he had the face and the hair of oshea ,but when i play he had orange hair. then i try it again and then he had the face of gigs and the hair of oshea. i try again and again but it doesn't work. So can some1...
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    Can some one make man united face pack or real madrid face pack. If some make or find them these player : fletcher,bellion,oshea,solari,cambiaso,pavon,raulbravo and nunez. Please make or find them thanks. if you find or make them send it to my email: [email protected]