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    players names and id

    How do you extract the DB? New to FIFA editing, thanks.
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    any question about fifa 08 for xbox 360

    You have to pay to get the transfers update from EA?
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    PC DEMO first impressions

    Will this game run in my PC? Specs: Pentium 4 HT 2.8 Ghz, 2gb RAM, Radeon X1550 256 mb (DirectX9 and shader mode 3.0), Windows XP media center edition.
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    WE:PES2007 PC Updated Option File

    Try my file:
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    PES 2008 system requirements!

    My PC: Pentium 4 2.8 ghz, 2gb RAM, GeForce 8600GT, XP Media Center Edition, X360 gamepad, will it run PES2008 fine? , I'm bit concerned about the processor.
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    FC STEAUA BUCHAREST Thread [2007-2008]

    Somebody has pics of Steaua's new kits please? thanks.
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    Import logo?

    pesfan editor
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    My girl started playing PES yesterday....

    My 11 year old daughter stands quite well against CPU in regular difficulty, she knows some tricks I didnt even see before. LOL.
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    is PES6 worth buying for N. America

    My buddy sent me the game last month from Ireland, once you get it updated with all those downloadable add-ons you wont even think about the 360 or ps2 versions, you can even go online with everything updated!!,awesome.
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    All 2006/07 Kits & Kitserver

    Hit #1 key to change home team kits, hit # 2 key to change away team kits.
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    Kitserver 6

    I dont know if this is a bug or not, but I think I'll let you know Juce, when I'm playing in window everything works fine, but, when I play fullscreen, all kits look good as ever, but in the kit selection screen I cant select GK kits, is this normal?
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    All 2006/07 Kits & Kitserver

    How do I install the bundesliga kits? everything else work perfect, thanks a lot !!!
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    Kitserver 6

    Juce!! I made it work!!, you sir, are a legend, my pes 6 is a whole new game now, thanks a lot man!!, tell me something please, where can I find more kits?
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    Kitserver 6

    Well, I have the original PES 6 game, I installed it in my PC just as the instructions said, load the DVD and install it, you think I should uninstall and re-install the game back again? The option file got something to do with it? people say your work is outstanding, I've seen pictures as well...
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    Kitserver 6

    Here's the screenshot Juce, thanks for your help. The error window says: Kitserver setup message ERROR! Setup failed to install kitserver 5 for ...\PES6.exe. (No modifications made) Verify that the executable is not READ-ONLY...
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    Kitserver 6

    Ok guys, I finally found out where to put kitserver, but when I run setup, and click install, a window appears saying "unable to install kitserver 5 on pes6.exe" isnt this supposed to be kitserver 6?, the game wasnt running during installation and the PES6.exe file is not marked as read-only...
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    PES6 Online in USA

    Well, my pal sent me the game from Ireland last week, there are a few annoying things with it, (blank menu screen, flawed edit mode,) and I havent been able to connect to konami servers as yet, matter of fact konami-europe apologised last week for the poor online mode!!, everything else with the...
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    PES 6 PC crashes while editing team

    When I'm editing a kit and try to replace a logo the game just shuts itself off and then a pes6.exe error report appears, what can I do?
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    Problems with menu screen

    Finally I received my PES 6 PC!! the game runs perfect, the only thing is, the menu screen is all black, all I can see there is the bottom line that describes each option, I can scroll up and down, and that line is the only way to know which option I'm selecting, how can I fix this? any help is...