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    It's Official and Confirms it!

    Taken from today. Even the Max Drive is selling more than fifa.
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    European Pes3 Championship Report

    Femi and Osman are friends of mine and I'd like to congratulate them on doing so well. Pictures and details on the pesleague over at
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    WE8 Videos - Euro 2004 final - The WE8 Zoo in action!

    Here are some videos I made featuring the stars of the WE8 Zoo!! :D The Euro 2004 final as no-one could have imagined! Part 1: Intro to the match, players in the tunnel and come out to the pitch. Singing the anthems etc. Match begins. Portugal go on the attack. Click here for part 1...
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    Thierry Henry plays PES3

    Fact! Met the cousin of Gael Clichy at the pesleague today and he told us that Gael and Thierry Henry play PES3. :rockman: [Edited the spelling, cheers for that]
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    fifa fans and pes/we fans

    :kader: :kader: :kader: How about we agree on something? fifa fans should stick to the fifa forums. pes/we fans should stick to the pes/we forums. If you want to argue about which game is better and stuff like that, keep ALL of those threads in the fifa vs pes forum. All...