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    Where can I find The Valley?

    Just wondering if it's available to download somehwere. Would be great if someone could make it!
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    Why can't I select home/away kits in tournament or friendly mode??

    Is it something I'm doing wrong? I just quit my Serie A season with Inter when I couldn't change my strip against Atalanta! Both teams entered the field wearing their home (blue & black) kits.. wtf???
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    The way the CPU AI score their goals is utter BS

    Playing on world class level, the way I'm conceding goals is just ridiculous. In PES (or any other half-decent footie game), I concede goals either because of a lapse in concentration when I defend, CPU successfully breaking the offside trap, mis-timed tackles etc... i.e. all the reasons why...
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    Life Sucks Without Otf!!!

    There. Just had to get it outta my chest. :)
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    I score 90% of my corners...

    in 5 star mode with the likes of Barota and Vonander... I thought this problem was only in FIFA 2004 but apparently it's the same in PES3... and I don't do any special technique or anything, I take fast and low corner kicks with Minanda (by pressing up on the analog or d-pad) and it somehow...
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    Way too easy to dribble

    I found the sidestep (R2 + side) a way too effective way to skip past opponents. Playing the master league on 5 stars, I often dribble my way around 3 to 5 defenders with Ximelez, Macco, Minanda or Barota (who are supposed to be not-so-world-class players) with ease. I can pull it off 95% of...
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    Training Mode

    That alone was well worth the 30 quid i spent.. Brilliant.
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    Anyone else having trouble with Matchup today?

    After i logged on to EA's matchup today and tried to join the matchup lobby it said "Can't retrieve room list from server".. never happened before and yes i have the patch.. anyone else with the same prob?
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    Why does Inter have last year's squad??

    I played the demo today with the team selector.. found out that Inter's squad still has Sergio Conceicao, Crespo, Dalmat and no new players, while the Juve squad seemed pretty up to date... wtf???
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    My only real beef with PES/WE gameplay...

    I think PES should introduce player runs like in FIFA... it happens to me a lot that i'm holding up the ball with my winger waiting for my full back to advance but he just stands there staring at me. I KNOW i can use the attacking attitude arrows in the management screen but I don't want my...
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    Commentary suggestions...

    Instead of useless lines like "both teams have got their own sponsors" (Duhhhhh).. and the managers whistling through their fingers thingy which isn't so funny especially after you've heard it for the 275th time :rolleyes: ... why don't they include a brief history for the league you're playing...
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    Don't you think Konami is committing suicide...

    ... by releasing PES3 for PC on the same day as the best selling computer game ever - namely CM03/04? I'm a computing science student so I know nothing about marketing or business but isn't it obvious that PES3 sales will suffer because CM will definitely outsell it... A lot of people won't...
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    I don't get weekly prestige points!!??

    If i understood right.. I'm supposed to get a weekly prestige point budget to spend on training etc.. I just started a career mode season with Inter, spent my budget in the first week but it gets carried forward so next week I have 0 points to spend:o .. It's been like this for almost 7 weeks...
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    new Nvidia drivers screwed things up...

    I have a GeForce 4 Mx 440.. the PES3 demo was running fine until i downloaded and installed the new Nvidia drivers.. now the game won't get past the opening "konami" screen and just a black screen appears.. I tried running it on windowed mode, change resolution, detail etc.. but nothing worked...
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    LOL and you say PES3 is realistic

    I was playing the PC demo yesterday as Italy on the highest difficulty saying... Camoranesi had the ball on the right wing just past the halfway line (about 45-50 yards from the goal).. i hit the shot button by mistake and guess what... goal! it was a weak shot as well.. David James didn't make...
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    Vieri and Recoba RIGHT-FOOTED?

    C'mon EA how friggin difficult can it be to make them left footed!!! :kader: they're world class footballers as well so it's not like they're just some division 3 players.
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    World Class or not World Class?

    I think someone in the forums said that the world class difficulty level can't be activated in the demo even with the demo raptor.. well i really hope that's true.. coz right now i'm allegedly playing in world-class but i still have almost 90% of the ball possession and it's way too easy to...
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    Hey what if....

    ahhh never mind forget it... i don't wanna waste ur time with nonsense:kader:
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    Euro vs South America all stars

    yea just an idea.. could anyone with enough free time come up with a patch for an euro vs s. america all stars game?? here are my suggested line-ups: Europe: ---------- Gianluigi Buffon Oliver Kahn Paolo Maldini Jaap Stam Alessandro Nesta Rio Ferdinand Fabio Cannavaro Lilian...
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    Now that i got ur attention... Does anyone know whether the favorite foot of a player can be changed? for example i wanna make Recoba a lefty it's annoying when he shoots free-kicks with his right :kader: