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    fifa-master still not working

    Hello Everyone is still not working for me i dont know why for many peoples its working but for me its not working somebody can tell me wat is wrong with this site tnx
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    DATA1.big file

    Hello everyone plz i need data1.big file becaz my data1.big currpeted and i have lost my cd,s plz upload data1.big file if u have full version game its a request
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    Fifa 10 commentary

    hello guys anybody can tell me that we can use fifa 10 commentary in fifa 11 becaz i want to use 2 commentaries in fifa 11 which can make game more exciting
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    Genaric Gamepad

    how we can play fifa 11 with Genaric Gamepad anybody can fix it becaz with keybord its too hard to play i have gamepad fix for fifa 10 but in fifa 11 file system is change
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    rigistry files needed

    Hello everyone i installed my windows xp when privious was deleted .i have my fifa 10 game in my harddisk but registry files are missing in windows i dont want to reinstall fifa 10 i want to ue my old installation files so plz anybody can give me fifa 10 registry files that i install them in...
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    Problem to Load Saved Game

    Hey guys i have problem when i play tornmen or manager mode and save my data after 1 or 2 matches and next day when i load my tornment to play my next games of tornment my game crash this is big problem for me i cant play whole tornment every time.
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    ERROR when start FIFA 09

    hey i have problem that when i start my fifa 09 it say reinstall fifa 09 it was working fine before i install my windows xp when i format my xp it is giving an error that reinstall fifa 09 .i have my fida 09 in my D drive also my fifa 10 demo is installed in d drive fifa 10 demo is working...
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    FIFA 10 have same faces

    Hello friends here i m Starting a new Thread and we all give our idea about Fifa 10 faces that the top players of all teams have same faces or EA update them. Messi is same in FIFA 10 like FIFA 09 Malouda hair style i same like fifa 09 ManUntd Anderson need some update becaz he was not...
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    how to convert face

    hello friends anybody can tell me how i can conver PES 2009 faces for FIFA 09
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    FIFA 10 commentry

    hello friends in fifa 10 demo we have commentry for some new players.if u hear carefully i think that names of commentry is not call by the same commentrater.i mean the pitch of voice is not same and i must say that the comentry of fifa 10 is not like fifa 09. fifa 09 commentry is very nice just...
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    Hello anybody can tell me that how i can set an ID for any player .i mean that i have Zidane in real madrid 2002-2003 team patch but his id is change i want to set his orignal ID which EA sports set for him with comentry.
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    bad goalkeepring

    hi everyone i play again pc in lagenry mode with world class goalkeeper in these settings computer team shoot for goal in any area of 16 yrd they score very easily and my goalkeeper cant stop any shoot even any simple shoot and the other hand i shoot ball in one-o-one and computer goalkeeper...
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    Squads problem

    hello everyone how r u all .guys i have a problem . i have my squad in CM09 is not matching to fifa09 squads actually i have problem in world CM09 squad is ok but in fifa 09 game i have some player of real madrid 2003 patch when i reset squads the squads are reset to actual lineup but...
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    How to Extract Player Model

    Hello everyone how ru all, plz anybody can tell me how i can extract player model from fifa 09