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    EA announces Champions League 2006/2007

    Great news!!!!! Now I just hope that there will be an X360 NTSC release. I imported the last UCL game on PAL for the PS2 and was able to play it on my NTSC console through my tv tuner card. That game was great! I actually preferred it to FIFA 06 which was released after it, and kept...
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    Fifa 07 demo ps2 torrent, only for this forum

    But take note... You may have to try a few different torrent clients before it will connect. I've used BitTornado for years but all it would do with this particular torrent is error out. I downloaded uTorrent and was able to grab it easily. Seemed to be faster than I'm used to with the...
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    just played PS2 demo @ HMV!

    Any chance of getting a torrent for the demo?? I'm in the States and none of my local game shops know anything about a PS2 demo whether you pre-order or not. :f***: Bad enough that this country doesn't recognize the world's sport for the beautiful game that it is.. American "football"...
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    FIFA WC 06 Demo - DirectX 9.0c Error

    Outstanding help/info guys!! I had to reload XP and for some reason this time I was getting the directx error on install (it was installed and running fine before). I head over here, do a quick search and find not one, but three solutions to set me right!! Thanks to you for helping the...
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    Picking squad for finals

    And I was hoping that this was just me not knowing some little undocumented trick or process. I have the same problem, after qualifying I am unable to select my 23 to take to the cup. I haven't found any way to be able to switch players around from the starting formation / subs / reserves...
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    Controls - call 2nd defender?

    Thanks guys!!
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    Controls - call 2nd defender?

    Maybe it's me.. but didn't there used to be the ability to call in a 2nd defender back in 06? I may be getting myself confused with WE/PES but I thought that FIFA 06 added this in. From what I can tell by looking in the manual and by trying everything in game, I don't think that we can call...
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    Need Lag-Free PS2->USB Adapter for PES5

    Same exact one that I use with my PS2 controllers. Works like a charm and haven't had any problems or lag with it. Peace out...
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    WE9 option file HERE

    Yep. A sharkpork will let you transfer option files, game saves, etc between your PC and your PS2. I think I paid $30 a few years ago for mine. Definitely money well worth it in my opinion. Even is I just use it for transferring WE & PES option files. Peace out...
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    Pesfan option file info!

    Thanks def... you da man!!! Peace out...
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    Pesfan option file info!

    Hey deftones... could you please send me the rapidshare link you're talking about?? Thanks in advance & peace out... [email protected]
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    Please help me immediatly

    I cant believe it's your gfx card. I have an FX 5200 in an athlon XP24000 w/ 512MB and the demo runs perfectly for me. Try playing around with your drivers. If you have older drivers, update ot the latest. If you have the newest ones already, roll back to a more stable previous version...
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    Mix and Match Home/away kits

    Actually I think this is a great idea. I feel that the more options we have over controlling the look and feel of our match the better. To take this a step further I'd like to see home, away, third (for the teams that have them) you could mix and match betwen. Also let us choose our GK kits...
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    Langauge Problem

    Ayup.. Go out and *buy* the English version. It works 100% of the time.
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    Can UEFA CL work with swap magic on a NTCS tv?

    Swap magic will boot it. I have an ntsc console and tv, imported the game. Made an iso off my original, patched it from pal to ntsc. It does load and is in color, but the screen is way off center (pushed down). So far I haven't been able to find a patch to fix the y position that actually...
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    I still can't find a US site to preorder my copy for ps2 or pc HELP

    I honestly don't think you're going to find one. I haven't seen any US stores that actually carry import titles. Maybe you could find one online if you looked hard enough, but I've never come scross one. I've ordered from a UK store before and didn't have any problems. You'd be...
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    no chance this is coming to the US is it?

    At this point I'd be shocked if they plan on a US release at all. Still no word of it or date online of a US release that I've found. And none of my local gameshops know anything about it ever arriving. Looks like I'm going to have to pay for the PS2 UK import version. I'm wondering if...
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    FIFA 2005 Shop

    Thanks guys. I'll have to check that out later on today when I'm near my PS2. I guess it does make perfect sense, I was thrown off by EA's including "Italy" with the description of the ball. Peace out..
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    FIFA 2005 Shop

    Here's a question for all of you. Maybe someone here can shed some light on this for me. In the FIFA 2005 Shop, I've purchased a number of 3rd kits and the "Puma Ball: Veneno (Italy)". Selecting the 3rd kits works fine, the other ball I've still never seen. I never actually see this ball when...
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    How Do you Unlock 3rd Kits ?

    You don't "unlock" them per say... This time around there are 3rd kits you can purchase from the FIFA 2005 Shop (with the FIFA $$ you earn for acheiving certain tasks). I haven't went team by team down the list, but I'm pretty sure that noe every EPL team has a 3rd kit to purchase...