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    3rd or alternate Kits in career mode?

    Hello evb, Dose anyone knows how to make it possible to use the 3rd kits in the career or manger mode. I know I may not got an answer but I hope people still play FIFA06.
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    Substitutions Cinematics

    Hi Evb, Is there any way to activate or have Substitutions Cinematics? Is there a patch out?
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    Can't Import 3rd kits anymore?

    Am unable to import any 3rd or GK kit's via Kit Raptor; I get "This kit is not in the game!" Even though I've added the kits's via CC2005 and also unlocked the kit in "common.ini" and have imported it back to the congig.dat by using bugui Please help me...
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    Where are the generic GK kits?

    Hi Evb! I can't seem to find the Genrik GK kits..dose any one know's which number they start with...i even found some Managers kits satrtting with # 13 ..but no GK kits ..please help!
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    Chants feature is gone!!!

    Withe arrival of the new CC2005 sadly the chants feature is gone! Even after installing CC2005 in a diffrent folder the chants are not listed anymore!! but you still can import chants this way. Dose any one know and alternate porgram, not chant raptor!!
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    CC 2005 ver

    I'm looking fro the latest version of Creation Center 2005 which is Here is a picture that I've recived from "cwhein" but he forgot where did he downloaded it from.
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    Tunisian Kits 04-05 -::TUN "A" L 05::-

    I'll post here all the kits I've created for TUN"A" L 05, The tunisian league patch. I'll also include kits created for me by excellent kit makers like PEDE... Club Africian The home kit was created by Pede but modified to it's final version by me.
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    CC 2005 Erreur

    I alway get this erreur since i've installed CC, i was never able to get it to work. Plz help me.
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    Hi can someone creat this kit....the shirt and the socks can be left plain white thanks in advance.
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    BYF079's kit thread.

    No need for the help of any of you... I still have people that I can count on! People that are more friendly and less arrogant than you guys. I'm really disappointed.. even though I liked your work!!
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    Where did the flaires and stereamers go?

    Can any one tell me where did all the animation that used to be in the crowds go?? is ea stepping backword?? is there any way to re-activate them like they did with the weaving flags!!
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    Can someone make this kit?

    Can someone make the new Esperance kit for 2004
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    Ingam ball errors !!!

    Why is it that any ball i creat i get the following error as it showes in the pic please help me
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    My 1st Ball.

    My 1st Ball. The DIADORA Samba. ;)
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    ADIDAS fonts!!!

    My game. DRC and all the preview tools crashes when ever i use the adidas fonts!!!
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    Balls Request!

    Can some one make this balls:
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    TuN"A"L 2K3 Beta

    Tunisian National "A" League 2K3 Patch is now available for download at :)
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    Tun"A"L 2K3 Kits!!

    Here we go:
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    GK short sleeves!

    Dose one knows how to enable the Gk short sleeves!! It dosen't seam to be working via CC!!! and in the access data base the number is 0 for everybody it means short by default ???:rolleyes:
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    Free Cam

    Dose anyone knows how to enable the Free Cam mode like in fifa2002!!! Where did it go??? EA is getting worst...since they stoped developping thier own games..."Intellegent Games" dose for them...they rather call them selfes "Stupide games "!!! :f***: