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    long time no see

    hi guys! i'm back ;)
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    My Official Signature Thread 2009

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    some of my new fast-works. hi all... czesc rodacy
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    p o r t f o l i o 2 0 0 7

    hi there :) i'm back with some siggies 8) comments are welcome. i am not taking requests. :bob:
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    a very big problem

    mates. i have a really big problem with the game. when i click at start (fifa.exe) my computer is being restarted! sorry for my english and thanks for help
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    a big problem with Adobe Photoshop

    my colour pallete is a lil' bit ****ed up. my white colour is yellow and i have no idea how to fix it. can anyone help me?
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    a sig request

    hi guys. i need a del piero sig with nick wk-86 for me. anyone?
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    CyreX is back with his kits ;)

    after a quite long time being out of making kits (one year woah!) a kit front :D don't know if the mesh is good, i've only tried to make a jersey ;) here what came out: Juventus Turin Home Kit *FRONT*: Comments are welcome :)
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    Dungeon Siege 2 - someone?

    is someone else playing in that awesome game?
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    spell and gramma checkin' (help me...) :]

    my girlfriend is going to be a Au Pair in USA and i helped her in writing something to the gast family. "Agata R. has opportunely predispositions which are necessary in childcare. She is a very honest person, who always implements from her dutys. She makes conntacts very easily and has no...
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    Help needed! :)

    hi boys and girls. i must have those logos in vectors, can someone please help me? thaaaaaanx in advance here the links yooooooo: :ewan:
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    Adobe Photoshop CS2 9.0 Final IS OUT!!

    no idea if you know about it but IT'S OUT! herethe link to the tryout version
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    Kate Beckinsale Wallie

    here a wallie, which i've made today: comments needed, cheers
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    Englishman - You must help me :((((

    So... I have to write an fvcking essay with the topic: Hooligarism and crime are on the rise all over the world. What do you think is the cause and what can be done about it. I don't know what should I write and my english is quite crappy, so i count on someone of you... Please help me guys, it...
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    PLEASE help me with my english homework VERY IMPORTANT

    Hello, I have to write an essay with the title: Modern health care: What can we do to stay healthy? for tommorow :( I have written something, but i don't know if it is correct, I mean the gramma etc... If you can, please help me with it, correct the mistakes and maybe add something to this...
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    Rasta Suprise :D

    Just test it:
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    CD Cover PROJECT

    Projekt Kilometr... comments are welcome
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    a new Wallie by me...

    here what i've made today... it took me only 30 minutes but i am very satisfied... That women is HOT! ;)
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    "Inspired Quality" contest...

    Hi all... Here in poland is organised a graphic contest called Inspired Quality and of course I tried to make a project... And here it is: and here is the picture that shows which photos i've used to do this... Please comment.