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    [Pearl Harbour] a longing Vengeance

    long live americans.... :33vff3o:
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    Dragao Stadium : its not on my DB, what about yours

    when i try to play FC Porto on Exhibition Mode, i will not play on the Dragao Stadium. sorry for this stupid question.......
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    when MD retire to mod.....

    just for fun :innocent_smile_1:
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    Freezed on injury player : anybody have the same experience?

    and the game back to opening menu automatically.....
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    KIT REQUEST : Pls help

    just watched Inter 3 vs 0 Soegnam on fifa club world cup. the soegnam kit was different to EA default. could anyone share their talents to update the Soegnam kits? :D
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    Reinstall FIFA11 : Pls help me guys....

    after reinstall fifa11, i cannot start my pc. pls share your thoughts....
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    BALL : UMBRO PRO DIRECT : what league use this ball?

    sorry for this stupid question, what league use this ball? i've been playing for several days but i never found whose club use this ball. the below pictures is taken from FIFA11 Demo after MD Ball selector patch. i eager to play with this ball for FIFA11 FULL VERSION.
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    Player's Name on Kit : can we fix it?

    any idea how to resize the fonts?
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    FIFA 11 DVD Content : am I miss something?

    i had uninstalled my fifa11 because i got several crashes. And the worst, my fifa11 demo is also crashing now. pls share your thoughts.... this is what happened to my fifa11.... (sorry for my english) :)
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    Balls & mix Creations PES 2011 : Take it or Leave it

    i served this thread for all my creations for PES 11. i'll start with Umbro Pro-Direct Ball tomorrow. i'll keep you posted :)
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    Face by Amateurish

    i try to make faces here, pls help thanks to santups, maradona lopez for assistance and advice :)
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    A little referee mod by Amateurish

    i'll show you how to change referee face with any face while i'm back from final world cup :) credit to SANTIAGO for WOLVERINE FACE (HUGH Carlos*MAN)
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    Cm 10 crash after installing soccergaming project pls help me, my CM 10 (the latest version) crash after installing Project Soccergaming. But my FIFA 10 is running fine. :blush: