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    SG's Babe 2010 - Group H

    Az you are ******* barbaric with your agenda ! And you put my gal in the group of death :willis: Anyways, whoever voted for Debra, thank you...this attention whore needs more VOTE for her you dumb mother****ers :( gbnJeM5wgYE
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    SG's Babe 2010 - Group G

    Kerr and Bipasha. Keyra's ass is perfection but as Zlatan pointed out, its the whole package that counts and we already have a better ass in Stacy Keibler. As for Audrey, well, she hinges on the border of cuteness but ultimately, doesn't have the 'special' ness that counts.
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    SG's Babe 2010 - Group D

    Lima has that 'filthy' look which tbh, isn't going to help her this time. Aruna Shields, hmm....dunno but she comes off as 'nothing special' if I can say that. Ambrosio reminds me of Cindy Crawford ( minus the mole ) in that second pic and I almost went to vote for her. Then my eyes...
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    Attention south american SGers...

    Yeah, Lima is great too if you are fond of big cities. I had a blast playing football on the beach with some local lads. The city's downtown area, Miraflores, is well worth spending time at. Atleast spend 2 days there. It will be a good change from small towns. Although, I must say I enjoyed...
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    SG's Babe Competition 2010

    Debrahlee Lorenzana;contentBody ^Take your pic from the link Az. I like an attention whore who loves attention and I'd like to give it to her (H)
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    Attention south american SGers...

    While in Peru, apart from Macchu Picchu, there is tons to do. I suggest you go to favourite city in Peru. It has the feel of a city whilst keeping a small town charm. Very interesting place with lots of art/museum stuff. When you are in Cusco, do goto a small town named...
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    Concerts you've been to

    Saw Tool and Metallica last year :bob:
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    Manchester United F.C Thread [2009/2010]

    Even with a makeshift back four, we were really pathetic and didn't have a descent shot on goal. Hope this ******* injuries go away....**** !
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    Going out on a date? well, don't forget to take your piss bottle..

    ahaaahahaaaaahhahaa (H) (H) (H) !! That is beyond priceless. Probably the funniest forum post ever, fake or not !
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    Good Lord

    And ugly. Give her a bow and an arrow, she will be new sun sign for Sagittarius. Jeez.
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    The Official YouTube Links Thread

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    The Official YouTube Links Thread

    heh, the guy in the pink shirt I think is trying hard to be 'manly' and I hate the fact the bitch stands there holding her cheek as if she is innocent. And yes I know the show is supposed to be intimidating and her job is to piss the contestants off but that slap crossed a line. But some good...
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    The Official YouTube Links Thread

    Bitch slap (H) ndX2RFHmMNg
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    Good stuff mate...hadn't seen the thread before. Enjoy life :)
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    SG's Babe 2009 [FINAL]

    Bar 4tw !!
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    SG's Babe 2009 [Semifinal 2]

    Boobs > Tattoos.
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    SG's Babe 2009 [Quarterfinal 3]

    Merr is cute, hot but won't be able to handle a dick. Belluci...she can **** a javelin. No competition.
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    SG's Babe 2009 [Quarterfinal 2]

    I can cum on those freckles all my life. The bar remains open 24 hours (H)
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    Michael Carlos*son dead at 50

    My arguement boils down to definitions of normal and insane parenting keeping in mind what goes on around us. I am trying to put things into broader perspective here but it seems a waste. Anyways, each to their own. cheers