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    Paddy Kenny banned for 9 months for taking cough syrup Apparently a banned substance was found in his body after taking...
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    How to stop the Delap throw.....

    If you think the best way to stop Delap's super throw is to stand in front of him, think again. Bear in mind this is just a young lad doing it, if it was Delap himself, that young man would've been out until supper time. rVAD8Zl5ngg
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    Great article on Soccernet.

    I thought soccernet was dull in terms of footie articles, but this one(by the Fifth Official) gave me a laugh. I liked the Anelka bit and also regarding Walcott's current hype. And Bramble....hehehe hehe
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    FA Cup 2008 Final - Cardiff vs Portsmouth [R]

    VS Portsmouth ---- Cardiff City Goals Kanu for Portsmouth (37) Well, as expected by many, Portsmouth have won the FA Cup. A very cagey game with few chances, understandably both teams didn't take risks going...
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    Ballack's Week Diary

    I have posted this on our club's team thread but I found that I have missed out some articles so I decided to share it here instead so everyone can enjoy Ballack's wicked sense of humour. Now like mentioned, I don't know if Ballack himself wrote this(a few blokes at CFCNet said he did, but...
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    Rio Ferdinand picked as England Captain

    Rio Ferdinand has been chosen as England captain for the game against France, I would like to know what the lads think of this. Its clear Capello will continue rotating players for England captaincy to find a suitable leader for England by the time the World Cup qualifiers start. There's also...
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    Can the referee's whistle sound be changed in PES6?

    I'm wondering if theres anyway to change to the referee's whistle sound in PES6(PC) since i already found some decent wav whistle files that i want to try and use.......... cheers :fool:
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    michael Carlos*son playing for Ecuador??

    is it just me or does Luis Valencia(Ecuador Midfielder) looks almost exactly like Michael Carlos*son of old? here are some pics... Luis Valencia: Carlos*o before he became Wacko: **Carlos*o's photo is in black n white, i couldn't find a better picture 4 comparing them**.. cheers
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    Create a Hardware Profile for Gaming!!WinXP only

    I don't know if this has been posted b4 but i found a good site about creating a hardware profile in WINXP for computer gaming ONLY.... It will load only necessary things 4 WinXP(disables services and not load other crap) and i tested it. i'm safe to say that if you follow the instructions...
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    Chelsea GK

    anyone made the new chelsea keeper kits yet?
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    PES4 release date?!!

    just curious, is it true that PES4 is coming out on 31st of December this year? i saw the date at gamefaqs.
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    Has anyone experienced this using AFSExplorer?

    i tried resizing/regenerate the afs file to import some files.After it finished i went straight ingame and saw that that some of GK kits were messed up.So, i checked the kits using WE Graphic Studio and guess what, most of my GK kits were screwed and ironically they were all...
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    Request for theWolf

    hi, i recently converted to WE7I from FIFA and i really love the patches that u thing is that the files are a tad too big.i know u want to make it easier 4 us but some of us don't have broadband and stuck with crappy im suggesting that u make your patches like FCH...