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    How to edit fifa_beta_db

    Hello, I am trying to relink nationid with teamid basically I am trying to link a nation which doesn't have a national team, and replace it with a national team that isn't important in the game. since i cant go ahead and type the nation id, i tried to export the file, but i dont know how to...
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    FIFA 19 extra National Teams and Western United (A-league) mod WIP

    hello, can i know what version of Fifa was this mod made with? cuz it looks like i have a different patch, so i need to install to that patch
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    I need help with Frosty Mod Manager

    the latest editings i did was in fifa 15, back when we had Creation Master, so i am completely noob to this new frost manager of mods
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    I need help with Frosty Mod Manager

    hello, i need help with frosty mod manager, i downloaded a mod but when i tried to import it it said "mod was designed for a different patch version" it was a fifa 19 mod, i just wanted to ask if anyone had any idea how this mod manager work