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    Updated demo with full English commentary

    Agreed. The commentary is fuzzy and partial. A half-arsed Brackley and Brooking with bad microphones. Play is quicker. I'm not sure how legit this demo is; if it was fully legit, Konami would have released it. It's semi-good; half-a-job methinks.
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    PES discoveries

    Yo dude, how do you "hit the ball to one side and run around the defender the other way"?? Cheers, O
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    Curved shots in pes 5

    I'm with you man. I don't think you can put major curve on the ball, I think only a little bit. Shame that.
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    PES5: A Sign of Goals to Come... Add more goals if you like....
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    Goal Raul

    Expect this in PES5 Short Version: Emphatic version: Ouch.
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    PES 4 ULTIMATE PATCH OUT NOW !! (English Web Page and Filefront download link)

    The update file download link doesn't work....
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    TribalAnime : 2006 Roster : PES4 PC

    Wow, yeah, I thought it was my computers fault. Great work mate, your kits look grand.
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    TribalAnime : 2006 Roster : PES4 PC

    I can't seem to download it - problem with the link? I use the wolf patch, will this file give me new kits, new teams and new transfers for 05/06 by installing over it? If not, any suggestions? Good work mate. Merci!
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    The Wolf - Final FM2005 Update WE8I

    What happened to the good faces?! All your work is obviously appreciated Wolf, but Riise as Kahn?! And no Et'oo? No worries.
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    PES 4 - FACES by neovico

    Seen the faces in the final Wolf file? They're ****e! (Riise as Oliver Kahn?!). And one of the best players in the game, Et'oo isnt there. Gippo! Where are all your good ones Neo??
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    The Wolf - Platinum FM2005 Option File - PES4 & WE8:I

    When are you looking to have this update available Wolf? Will the faces be automatically included in the option file/bins? Cheers.
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    The Wolf FM2005 Option File PES4 PC GOLD

    This para file is getting a bad rep in a lot of leagues Wolf - it's getting banned because of cheats being able to knock up their own stats and play them online. Suckertash.....
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    Behold...7 STARS.

    Am I cool to simply rename this option file so that it works with PES4?
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    Behold...7 STARS.

    I'll take a sideorder of one, cheers: [email protected] Omario
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    The Wolf FM2005 Option File PES4 PC GOLD

    OK, so excellent work Wolf. One small thing... there any reason that in edit mode half the players are unregistered? Is the edit player part somewhere, where we should not bother ourselves with going? I assumed we would be able to see all the players in the right teams etc???
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    Arnaldo PES4 Faces!!

    Beaut! as many Liverpool players faces would be champion! Cheers! Omario
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    PES4 Online World Cup

    New one:
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    PES 4 - FACES by neovico

    still not sure what you mean by 'load it'. take me thru what you do... O
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    PES 4 - FACES by neovico

    SUCCULENT WORK! However, does anyone know how i can enlarge the reserved space for some of the bins? At the moment I go to Advanced/Modify reserved space...find the file (e.g. hair20150.bin)...increase the 'bytes reserved for file' amount....then try to 'regenerate AFS' ,but then it says...
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    PES 4 - FACES by neovico

    Neo, how good are you??...Answer = Very good. Nice one, Omario