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    tracking player fitness during and between games?

    In manager mode - how can I judge a players level of exhaustion? If I have 3 games in the same week how can I tell if I should rest a particular player? Same question for in-game. I see a blue bar when the player is selected. if that bar is always 'short' does that mean the player is out...
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    Manager's Mode Broken - please help???

    After spending MUCH money on a new system Fifa11 is now almost a complete, usable game. However - I cannot proceed through a season in managers mode without getting a corrupt saved career after one or two games. After that the game crashes at the end of a match and I have to start my...
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    No User Manual?

    I have the Direct2drive version and cannot find a user manual?! What do all the arrows mean in Manager mode next to each player? How can I see how fatigued a player is between games or even during a game? How does the create a tactic work? And a million other questions....
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    Help opening Winter Roster in Creation Master

    EA finally provided a Winter Roster update for PC and I downloaded it from within the game with no problem. However - I would LOVE to be able to use various tools to continue to make changes such as CreationMaaster11. My problem is - there are no instructions or tutorials that I know of for...
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    where to get Winter Transfer Roster in DB format?

    I now have gathered instructions from various places on how to use DB Master and Creation master to actually be able to edit the Winter Transfer rosters in Creation Master! Now - does anyone know WHERE I can find the official EA Winter Transfer Roster in DB format? Thanks if ya do...
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    Creation Master and Winter Roster??????

    Do they go together or can you only use Creation Master11 with the original DVD roster that came with the game? I was told to do this : The first thing you should do is use CM11 to extract the original db to the Fifa 11 folder. You should then overwrite the original db with the winter...
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    roster update in CM11 ?????

    I did the Winter Roster Update using the in-game update function and it went fine. When I open up Creation Master I get the pre-roster update team listings. How do I edit the actual, updated roster that I'm playing with in Fifa11? Also and most obviously - are there any directions...
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    Can't install patch - direct2drive SUCKS!

    First of all friends NEVER do business with Direct2drive. I have loved the EA Fifa series and despite past problems I want to get this version running. I have been trying since teh day it came out. I won't bore you with the details but I'ma victim of the ATI sturttering issue and also had a...
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    where are all the settings?

    such as camera choice and why do all of my games start up with a single player facing the keeper for a penalty shot instead of 22 men lining up for a kickoff?
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    ATI Card Stuttering

    I have an ATI Raedon HD 4600 series with a gig of ram. The game is UNPLAYABLE at all settings. Any advice?