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    Where The Heck Are Free Agents?!?

    I'm always start career mode with a weak team and with no money. In previous versions i used free agents to make a resonable team. Now, when i search by "free agent" criteria, nothing. Not even one! I'm in first season. Did i miss something?
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    Board Selling My Players

    I have destroyed 3 careers so far just because im working my a** hard to make a 5 star team from a low rated team, and surprise! my best player decide to leave club. Just like that. He's allways in first 11, im raising his contract every time he ask, no problem there. Suddenly, he want out, the...
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    FIFA 13 Gameplay Codes

    This codes are extracted from fifa13_demo.exe For moders and people who wants to make a new gameplay/settings/performance tunning. ................................................................................................ PART 1 ACCELERATION ADDITIONAL_ROLL_SPIN_MULTIPLIER AGGRESSION...
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    cinematics freezing

    I have a problem with cinematics, infact just substitution cinematics. The replays or other cinematics are ok but when a player is changed (me or AI) the first cinematic freeze for 7-10 seconds (with the player on the field) and the second also 10 seconds (with the change on the line of the...
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    New real fix for lag

    Start the game from vbs file or make a shortcut anywhere. Works 100% for me, don't affect any other method. Give it a try, details in readme file.
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    The worst passing system

    I ask all the modders here: is there a way to get rid of this stupid passing system in FIFA10? The thru pass is comic, the player barelly touch the ball and the ball travels like 2 meters. In 07 the passing was fantastic, even the first touch pass. And there is a way to get rid of this most...
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    Leaving FIFA

    Is the final point for me. I am not The Master Rinaldo or even a regular fifa editor, but i'm a regular fifa gamer. Until today. As i write this lines i have fifa10 uninstaller running. This game is at the finish line. The stupidity of the actual version is not something that we can repair by...
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    Another FIFA disaster soccer game :rofl:

    Like you I was espected this FIFA like nothing else. Sience the demo arrived I have over 15-20 hours playing experience. For me, 08 was a total disaster and now, I have to admit: I'm stuck with 07 for another year. This is the EA best try, but is a certitude: the canadian guys know NOTHING about...
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    Creation Centre 2007 is working fine with FIFA08

    See for your self.Open specific data base and point to fifa.db, eng.db and data file from fifa08 directory. Good luck.
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    Help From Stadium Makers!

    Hi, I need urgent help. I use the ECP rhino package to make my own stadiums. Everything works fine, my stadium works in FIFA07 but I can import banners, adboards and crowd. I do what is in ECP tutorial, step by step, the Stadium builder create the files for it but in game ....nothing. And...
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    Editing the start-up of the game

    Anybody can tell me what file must be edited in order to load my own images or the eliminate the intro of the game. I know there is an utility that let's you directly to menu in the game but it not works right. So,sombody knows how to do that.