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    WE8 Callname IDs

    Ok I have all these "E_VP_P0_R02143.ADX" files which have the names and stuff in them but does anyone have a list so I know which one is which. thank you
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    Goal Clips from Online Game

    ok I was bored so I made these clips from my game I just played online. ignore the comments. It's all for fun, ehhehee USI = U Send It Link USI #1 USI #2
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    60 Ball Pack for KitServer

    Hey everyone, so here is a compilation of all the balls I could find that were worth having in your kitserver. I hope you agree. Please, don't thank me. I just put it together, the big thanks goes to Spark, Wagner, and CaptX for putting all these balls together. If you made one of these balls...
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    Guide to making Faces!!

    Can some of you face makers write a detailed guide on making your own faces so we don't have to wait for all the busy face makers to make and release their faces first. It's not their fault, they're busy and we overload them with requests. If we had a guide then we could sit and do it ourselves.
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    AA & AF on Nvidia 6800 GT?

    Hi, I have the Nvidia 6800 GT graphic card and would really love to be enable those options and get better graphics on my comp. I want to do it in PES4 but if it's not possible in PES4 and possible in WE8, it's still good.
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    Kit Server 4.2.1 + All kits plus Bonus Kits of big teams

    OK I made this little collection of all the kits, plus third kits of big clubs and national teams. All the attribute configs are set up, simply copy paste the Kit server folder or your KDB folder and overwrite. Here is the filefront link: The Patch I DO NOT DESERVE ANY CREDIT FOR THIS...
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    REQ: Iran National Team Third Kit

    Hi guys, I was wondering if anyone could do Iran National Team Third Kit. Here is a good picture that you Kit Makers can use.
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    Cheap Exploit!

    Let me put this one simply: If you bring your goalie out, you're goalie is considered last defender and any ball put past him will be offside no matter how many defenders are behind him. So when you bring goalie out, whereever he is, it's the offside line.
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    Router Problem Solved yet?

    well, I just got a router and it seems I'm finally going to have all the problems you guys have. Is there new solutions out? I need help
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    Need a good league to join , tonight?

    Hey everyone, does anyone have a good league I can join tonight and get some games going in that league or tournament. my email is : [email protected] Contact me asap, and post here!!