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    Liga Promerica de Costa Rica link for download
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    Big Classic Players Patch for FIFA 20

    Thanks for this, love to play with the legends, working fine for me so far in career, looking forward for the full version.
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    DB Editing Tutorials, Tips and Tricks

    Does anybody know how to assign the commentary to another team? I change a team with another that is in the WC but not in the regular game but I want that team to have the commentaries of the re assigned team not the original is it possible?
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    Yakup's Graphics

    Thank you very much for the upload works and looks great. Could you please upload Sergio Ramos tattos texture?
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    Riesscar's Modest Mods

    Greetings riesscar, could you please do the UEFA CL scoreborad? thanks
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    AdioszPL's Boots

    Can you please post the .png file?
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    Yakup's Graphics

    Hello Yakup great job man, could you please upload the big file for that scoreboard?
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    UEFA CL Graphics

    I know about that, I was talking about the Official textures for the balls and ads, in FIFA 18 obviously cannot be exported due that the CL doesnt exit there, I dont think you read the questions mate I always read your replies and are way off the original questions.
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    UEFA CL Graphics

    Good day, this forum is great, I'm trying to do my mod for the UEFA CLbut I'm missign some textures, can someone help me with the balls textures in dds or png any other graphic will be highly appreciate, thanks
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    CG File Explorer 18

    Im having the same issues any change I made says the same damged fie and need to be deleted.