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    Game Performance /FPS related

    Hey there, happy new year everyone! Well, I'll try to be brief. I used to play the original FIFA 08 as it came out of the box but never noticed the relatively few FPS it gave me until I decided to try a patch which would add me the World National Teams. Fact is, the patched game...
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    Goalkeepers World Class

    I wish I could. I just uninstalled this game. It's the unfairest FIFA I've ever played. Why should I want to play the latest FIFA when it's not playable. Apparently, the IA is always the same but it has "extra" powers to enhance it. It has faster players, it always and I mean ALWAYS takes...
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    Goalkeepers World Class

    Hey, How do you guys do to face the fact that your own goalkeeper is bad as hell while the opposite one stops your shoots like if he was Buffon, even when you're playing against a team like Faroe Islands... (World Class difficulty) It's not fair :willis: The fate of the match is...
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    World National Patch 08 by gigis1 - 235 national teams in your FIFA!!!

    Why weren't Peru or Bolivia granted a place in the World Cup 2010 Qualifying Matches? The CONMEBOL is incomplete. :(
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    Opinion on World Class difficulty

    So far, the only difference between playing World Class and Professional is the fairness of the referee's decissions. I've come across many plays where the CPU shamelessly makes offsides ignored by the referee. Is there anyway to fix this situation?
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    Hi, 1) Is there any way to turn around the wide-screen camera so you can always see the opposite goal in the upside of the monitor instead of the downside? 2) I read there was a coach camera where you were watching the game from the touchline. How can I set it up? Thank you.