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    Any FIFA 13 Face Making Tutorials?

    Hi, I've come back to the PC version after many years away. Any step by step tutorials people can provide or have links too? I have tried opening the Fifa 13 in Creation Master but it fails on the language db as the array is out of bounds. Has anybody got this to work? Thanks Nack
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    Face Request Thread

    Newcastle Faces Please! Demba Ba Papiss Cisse Santon Cabaye Vernon Anita Tim Krul And an improved one for Ben Arfa
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    Video of PES2008 with Commentary!!

    That was me And yes i'm looking to do it again
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    Pes2008 Pc Review + Vid

    What a load of bull, you expect a game to just let you stand there with a ball without a challenge? You have to speed up because it's like a real match, you get closed down quickly. You don't have to play at 100 miles an hour all the time, i've carefully built an attack in the demo and...
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    Pes2008 Pc Review + Vid Looks slower which is a huge plus!
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    Video of PES2008 with Commentary!!

    Here you go, the build played is about 4 weeks old. Click on video in middle of the page Another one! England V Holland
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    Pes2008 Latest Build Played! Sounds like alot has been fixed! Should be great for the PC then with all the modding community
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    pes better

    Played the full version on my xbox 360 and it's ******* awful! To slow the shooting is rubbish! You have to wait for animations to finish before you can pass! wtf? If that is what you call a sim you can keep it! Absolute ****e! I then switched my PC on to play the PES2008 demo and it's...
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    FIFA 08 UK ign Review.......

    Oh dear oh dear!! Told you it would turn out that way, but would you listen?? :evil: Well if it's 0.1 difference then at least it's moving in the right direction! Oh wait you've been saying that for years! PES will own, it already plays a better game of football on the PC and the...
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    PC DEMO OUT NOW! Check it!

    You two need to get a room! ;)
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    PC DEMO first impressions

    Maybe you're just to good? lol ;)
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    PC DEMO first impressions

    Try turning on vsync for the game speed mine is perfect for pace! The grass and balls are all something that can be edited, so that doesn't bother me! Just glad to have a decent update! And what stars do you have the demo on?
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    PES fans, FIFA 08 is eating you up!

    Well the PC version of PES2008 runs perfectly! At the correct speed, so I guess xbox 360 users you can expect the full game should mirror what is happening on the pc version! And I played ps3 2008 and it felt alot better than the 360 game. So I suggest you go to google and search for the...
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    PES fans, FIFA 08 is eating you up!

    Use the search function bell end! God you're the worst fan boy I've ever seen! What a ******* tit you are
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    PES fans, FIFA 08 is eating you up!

    That is the way it should be but it's just not the case. Why redo another demo when you did it a few months back? Not logical I know. I think demo's nowadays are just there to give you a glimpse of what the game could be like, and i'm sure they work the last few months on fixing things...
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    PES fans, FIFA 08 is eating you up!

    In answer to you're questions. The demo's have always been differen't to the final code, this is why they demo them at game shows before they are finished, to get user feedback, which will push them to do last minute tweaking or leave in or take out certain features. You have to realise...
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    PES fans, FIFA 08 is eating you up!

    You know I love you really nicky boy! lol
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    PES fans, FIFA 08 is eating you up!

    I agreee with you mate I played the PS3 version in Germany and it was a whole lot better than the X crap version. Mind you i'm not bothered about either of those as PC is where it's at, and who cares the the grass doesn't look good this blah blah blah! The muppets in here are fifa fanboys...
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    PES fans, FIFA 08 is eating you up!

    No it comes out in October, Your probably thinking of the US release But the PES7 europe will be out next month, demo out in the next week or so!
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    PES fans, FIFA 08 is eating you up!

    Ahhhh the ramblings of a desperate man! C'mon just admit it! I'm right! LOL No hard feelings by the way! Just pulling you're plonker! :evil: