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    PES6 Gems - 2008 Laptop Edition 2

    Hey guyz.. Here is a new PES6 vid from me...goals are all on top player 10 min games (random selection/master league/exhibition) scored playing on a laptop. Hope you all enjoy it and feedback will be appreciated :) rJeGFgj0N9U
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    PES6 Gems - 2008 Laptop Edition

    Hey everyone... It is with orgasmic pleasure that I bring to you my latest PES 6 video...The goals are from my recent months of playing PES6 on my brother's ancient laptop (my only gaming "rig" atm), Top Player, 10 min games. Most goals are from random selection matches and a few from...
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    Zero Punctuation - Must Watch !!

    Hey guys... Dunno if its been already posted here but check out this work of a brit born australia based media guy :D....saw them a coupla weeks ago..i'll let the vids do the talking..make sure u check them all on the site...highly recommended...
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    PES6 Red Devil's Gems Part 2

    Hi guys... Here is the latest intallment in my 'Gems' series of PES compilations ....the footage is from the 5 rapid seasons of ML i had in the last coupla weeks (Better quality) Its...
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    Proof of Konami's Cheating AI/Physics

    Hi guys... Now this really got on my nerves....i was playing the ML game and was 2-1 up at old trafford against arsenal....Its the 84th minute and this happens wat do ya think ?
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    PES6 Red Devils Gems by goal_machine84

    Hi guys... Presenting my latest compilation....this are the goals of mainly my 2 ML seasons recently with some random good goals thrown in as well (better quality) aTxiwLNS8ps This will be my last compi for a while....enjoy and i look...
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    Condemned: Criminal Origins..loving it !!

    Hi guys... I just got my hands on the full game and m almost halfway through now....its a relatively old game but my ancient pc is able to handle it well :D Anyways, i must say m impressed with the melee combat (Y).....really intense and love the feeling u get after u succed in a close...
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    The Best Page in the Universe

    Found this on another forum...its a gr8 site...kinda old but...check it out M too busy laughin atm so wont post more lol Enjoy (H)
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    Buying a needed

    Hey guys... Well, finally m good to go for a laptop :D....My budget is US 900-1000$ (Rs 45000)...m kinda lost atm looking at the choices...should i go for AMD or Core Duo ? I will use my laptop for my work (developing software) and playing lotsa games plus the occasional PES...
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    PES6 Gems_Classic Brazil Edition

    Hi guys !! Well, after the gr8 response to my "PES6 Gems_The Return" compi, i decided to make a new one ...this compi was made in two days ...its a quick compilation comprising goals scored using Classic Brazil from 24th March to 1st April....its 5 min long 40 MB and in very good quality ...
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    PES6 Gems_The Return by goal_machine84

    Hey guys !!!! Here is my new compilation....i know its a bit early than wat the trailer had said but i got some time n well, finished it Its 29 MB only and the longest compi i have ever made....its my blood,sweat n tear of the whole month of March....its low quality as the high quality version...
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    After Effects 7 installation error

    hi guys... i just got adobe after effects 7 and wen i try to install it, An error stating " Microsoft VisualC++ runtime error " !!....and the installation does not go further :( :(....i dont have the Visual Studio installed, only the .NET framework 2.0 AND 1.1 can it be cos of the...
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    Trailer of my upcoming compilation

    Hey guys... Presenting a trailer of my upcoming compilation which will be out soon (or wen i complete it ;) )....enjoy and feedback will be welcome :) cheers
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    A suggestion about the rep system

    Hey guys... i think that wen someone receives rep from someone, the name of who gave it should also appear in the details of the that wen we give rep to someone, we dont have to write our usernames in the comment :$ Hope the mods/developers can implement it cheers
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    My R Carlos FK from 36m

    Hey guys... here is a FK i scored with carlos against milan Thoughts
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    Hello&Welcome to PES 6 by goal_machine84

    Hey guys... This is my first PES 6 compilation featuring my goals from first 2 weeks of playing the game...The goals r from ML games on Top Player with Man Utd Enjoy n feedback will be appreciated Cheers
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    ***PES 5 Late Goodbye***

    Hey guys... Here is my final vid for PES 5...a goodbye compilation....its short and doesnt have many goals but i tried my hand at vegas to implement a concept i had in mind enjoy n feedback will be appreciated cheers :)
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    Red Devil's Gems Part 3 by goal_machine84

    Hey guys... Presenting part 3 in my 'Gems' series of PES 5 compilations...i dont have PES 6 atm but will get it soon...most of the footage is from 5* ML games and some 6* games. I tried using vegas but it crashes my pc :( i have used movie maker FX or qualtiy...
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    Red Devil's Gems Part 2 by goal_machine84

    Hey guys !! Well, here is my Part 2 in my Gems series of PES 5 compilations....again the footage is from ML games on 5* & now 6* and m xcited bout it :D Its 6:09 long, 28 MB and in a relative good quality...and so, may i present Part 2 to ya all...
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    Man Utd sig request

    Hey guys... M requestin a man utd sig ....rvn has left utd n so thought i shud change it now :( Here is my idea : A pic of old trafford, preferably showing the front end from outside ( where 'Manchester United" is writen ) or a pic of the old trafford pitch on which my username n the...