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    Duong's 08 Faces Thread (Probably only for a short while...)

    Damn great work Duong and Remal on Torres! It's PERFECT!!!!!!! I will miss you Duong. :( I wish you good luck on your studies when you embark on them!
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    Duong's 08 Faces Thread (Probably only for a short while...)

    EA's Lampard is perfect (:/) Make sure to make him better than that then :amika:
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    Duong's 08 Faces Thread (Probably only for a short while...)

    Duong, awesome Finnan, man. Just awesome. And what's more, thanks for making yet another player's face who didn't have a face already!! You're the best
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    Duong's 08 Faces Thread (Probably only for a short while...)

    Ehhh... I see nothing wrong with Duong's Iniesta. Especially when you take a look at his real picture: I think it's a good Iniesta.
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    Duong's 08 Faces Thread (Probably only for a short while...)

    Hi Duong! The quality of your faces is unbelievable! I'm stunned! You are without a doubt the best facemaker here in my opinion! I'm also grateful to you for making faces from many leagues and not concetrating only on one league. Keep up the good work, you have my support! :) Here are my...
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    NK FOOTBALL © - We're back!

    Hello NK. I'm glad you'll be working with FIFA again this year. :) From about 150 matches of experience on World Class difficulty, I feel that the flow of gameplay is biased towards the opponent AI. Their defensive discipline is pure gold and unseen in previous FIFAs which is a good thing...
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    Editing Question

    Yea, it's very disappointing that EA didn't fix the edit bug (commentators not saying names)! But I've been using FIFA07's DB Master, it works perfectly with 08!!!
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    Entire FIFA Player Database

    Very, very glad to hear that! Take your time. :) Btw, have you been able to retrieve some players' original heads? Such as Shinji Ono and others who EA have made? :O Just curious. :) And I hope you give Makoto Hasebe a good rating..! :mexican: just kidding, but anyways, good luck with the...
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    Entire FIFA Player Database

    Man, thank you very much for all of this! I'm just loving this because I like to tinker with the database a lot too! However, as I quickly skimmed through the thread, I was left kind of confused :$ Will you actually release J-League with all the teams and their kits, banners etc? It would...
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    HUZ's face thread

    That's a 'triffic face! absolutely great!
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    Creation Master 07 Released

    Hey, snoppf1! How can one find out these hidden players id numbers more accurately? I have basically been harvesting around the 140200 number manually with dbmaster to get Japanese players. Ie; Takashi Fu'kunishi's id is 140190... And I have problem with that too: When I create him into the...
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    Liioadin's national teams (cmp files)

    Hey, a little offtopic but I'd like to know how one can find out player's id's, which aren't playable in the game but actually are in the game files? For example that list below, or some classic players id's... or what is Hidetoshi Nakata's id for example? How can they be found out? PS...