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    Defensive Strategy Question and Help!

    Slide tackle from behind always works for me? :innocent_smile_1: But I always finish with less men than I started with.
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    adidas Live Season (x360)

    haha thats funny. Have you tried looking this up on the internet.
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    FIFA 09 to FIFA future title Wish List

    Have all the players names recorded by SMithe and Gray. It's real annoying playing manager mode 5 seasons in and none of the players names are recorded. Especially the ones that are good like Pato, dos Santos and Bojan.
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    FIFA 09 Best Youngs

    Is this applicable to consoles too?
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    Manager Mode Starting 11 /Roster

    It's about that time again. Eveyone should be far enough in their manager mode to get to the second season, so I just wanted to know what your lineups are and what your player ranks are, and the team you're playing with. Manchester United (Season 2) ($22mil) Van der Sar - 90 Sergio Ramos -...
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    Managerial mode Players growth

    Do the young players ever grow from the height they begin with? Because right now Bojan is 5-8 and Pato is 5-10, and they look like men amoung boys, which they are in the year 2008, but it's2009 in my season and I don't notice any growth? Can anyone with these players tell me if they grow?
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    WTF is up with FIFA 09

    I think they want the good players to be good compared to the average players, so by making them fast it makes them appear to be that much better. p.s. : Ronaldo really is that fast :innocent_smile_1: (Y)
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    Manager Mode: Spending Strategy

    Decent, I always buy decent scouted players and free agents and never play them and sell them for money. Also if I have a younger player who is just 1-2 points worse than an older one, I'll sell the old one, for more money and play the young one.
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    Scoring on Breakaways...?

    I have the same exact problem, only I play on professional. And when I try to change direction slightly my player always makes a hard cut and gets the ball taken.
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    One Player Mode, fun or not?

    On 360 at Professional level its pretty fair.
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    This feature is cool, it's better than having the automatic ones of past year. I don't know why you're complaining, If you don't like it they give you a way to skip it.
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    What is the deal with the referee?

    I think it depends on the difficulty, when I played on Amateur mode, it was nearly immpoisble to get a striahgt red card.
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    FIFA 08 Tips, Hints, Strategies

    As stated 2 posts above, I would love a guide on how to take defenders 1v1 And don't listen some people, in your guides, you state when they are exploits, so if they don't like them, to bad.
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    any question about fifa 08 for xbox 360

    Check your schedule, maybe the games don't start until later in the season.
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    any question about fifa 08 for xbox 360

    I'm very angry right now, I finished my season with Oldham athletic, and was planning on switching to Newcastle United, but it never gave me the option to switch teams, and than it autosaved on me, so I have to play another season.
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    Size of Fifa08

    approximate numbers will do
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    Size of Fifa08

    What is the size in mb of Fifa08 straight out of the box, or off the internet? And than what would be the approximate size after World of FIfa is completed? Trying to figure out if I have enough harddrive space. Thanks, and sorry if this has been discussed before, I searched and didn't find...
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    Help needed!!!

    If this is going to change the way video games are made, shouldn't you have placed it in a higher profile forum, instead of the 08 Next Gen. I see why you did it, but....
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    any question about fifa 08 for xbox 360

    How do you edit your roster when you sim a game, without permanently changing it? BEcause when I sim games it won;t take me to the roster screen and it always kills my players stamina.