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    What is 'defence run to' and 'feed'

    just pick up this game on psp. fm nv had these functions wtf is defence run to and feed? :boohoo:
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    What is the difference between PES and WE?

    What's the difference? I heard PES is the european version.. Gameplay wise, it's like the same for me.. Anybody know what's konami's logic for launching 2 very similiar games?
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    how to use the WEditor.exe

    load which file for a start..:rolleyes:
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    anybody can help me with installing this patch?

    got this ball patch from the instructions in the readme is merely "Rename the bin file that is in each ball-directory in ball00tex.bin and then install it by AFS Explorer or Extract into the...
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    Problem with formation settings in PES3

    ocassionally when I'm in the formation setting screen, my keyboard becomes extremely tardy. e.g When i press "up" to scroll around formation, strategy, etc" it doesn't moves and when it does it keep scrolling non-stop. when I'm using my sidewinder controller, there's no such problem. Anybody...
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    No EPL clubs?

    this the first time i'm playing a konami series soccer games.. I tried to look around for teams, but there are only national teams, and under clubs there are hugely unknown teams and famous italian teams.. are there any EPL teams to unlock or something?