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    CG File Explorer 16

    Does anybody know to properly decompress lua files inside "scripts" folder, because CGFE can't. Anyone has the vanilla files from that folder inside the dlc?
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    CG File Server 16/decommissioned

    Any chance to see the lua files from "scripts" folder extracted properly? Or, anybody know how to do this? I am sick of my best players getting "homesick" desease just to be sold underpriced to my rival team, in the same country. So i want to edit stories.lua for good. Anyone got vanilla files?
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    Where The Heck Are Free Agents?!?

    Thanks for reply. I tought that my game is broken. Now, i'm cool. Who needs free agents anyway? I have to discover how to change the free kick taker (sprint button in previous versions) and i'm good to go! :fluffy:
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    Where The Heck Are Free Agents?!?

    I'm always start career mode with a weak team and with no money. In previous versions i used free agents to make a resonable team. Now, when i search by "free agent" criteria, nothing. Not even one! I'm in first season. Did i miss something?
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    FIFA 15 Demo Impressions

    I'm changing keyboard controls, i "saved" them in temporary configuration, but when i play the controls are right back in default configuration. I've seen on the net that is a common problem. And no fix for it. No problem, EA already conviced me they are not able to make a functional game. And...
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    FIFA 15 Demo Impressions

    Well, i had the demo like 5 minutes. Due the controls saving problem, i don't bother anymore. This EA guys are too idiots.
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    FIFA 15 Demo Impressions

    Still not on Origin.
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    FIFA 15: Ignite Engine For PC

    Who cares about player ratings? I use players worth between 1-2 milion and i beat Real and Bayern on legendary with no problem. I win Champions league every year with no name players with no name team. Player ratings. So funny.
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    FIFA 15: Ignite Engine For PC

    EA works on Fifa about a month/year, so don't ask for more than an update of the last version. The rest of the year they have other games and projects to develop. This "engine" thing is just a marketing bomb to make you think you must buy the game. Ive started with FIFA 07 and you all know that...
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    FIFA 15: Ignite Engine For PC

    Wow, new engine, galactic PC specs, incredibile news....blah! Let's face it: it's the same old game with new bling-blings. Goalkeeper-still stupid, defence-still retards, AI attack - still the one and only "run to the back line and pass in front of goal", cinematics - Benny Hill Show, gameplay -...
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    RNGP 14: Romanian Leagues (FIFA NEXT LEVEL ROMANIA)

    i've got a schedule conflict: the national team have 2 games in same day, one official, one friendly. The problem is the stamina of the players, they cant play the second game to overlook this. I dont have any mod instaled only fifa and rngp. Known bug?
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    Board Selling My Players

    Thanks for indication, i will give it a shot.
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    Starting Career Mode At 2014/15

    You cant, because the shedule.txt file doesnt have calendar dates but days number "82,251,1,20,20,1945" where 82 - competion id 251 - the number of days from the day one ( located probably at 1 july) so you cant go back further. 1 - first leg 20 and 20 - min and max games to be played that day...
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    Board Selling My Players

    I have destroyed 3 careers so far just because im working my a** hard to make a 5 star team from a low rated team, and surprise! my best player decide to leave club. Just like that. He's allways in first 11, im raising his contract every time he ask, no problem there. Suddenly, he want out, the...
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    Carlos*slapd234 FIFA Stadiums

    Tryed Deepdale with id 205, didnt work. Game crash with that stadium, works with original ones. Tryed to replace 23Maj id 182 (simply put the files in place than regenerate) same crash. Apreciate the work, but i dont know what is the problem. I'll give up.
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    RNGP 14: Romanian Leagues (FIFA NEXT LEVEL ROMANIA)

    Why people waste time with useless things like faces or referees? I would like to play with romanian teams THIS year not next august. Make right rosters, logos and teams and thats it! Who give a sh*t about referees or Tatu monkey face? Jeez....
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    FERL 2014 v1 - FIFA EVOLUTION Romanian League 2014 V1

    Nice patch, works well, i'm in 3rd year of career and no bugs at all. Of course, it will be nice to have a second division not to get bored, but...for now it's ok. The players with custom faces have black ears but i dont give a damn. The balls are nice but i dont like to use them in game (always...
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    Dear Admin Please Make A Favicon For This Site

    I think its you in the signature, judging from your thread.
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    FIFA 13 First Official Update

    Any ETA on a future update? The game still need a big one.
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    FIFA 13 Activation

    tnx alot.