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    How to make transfers between rival teams possible?

    Hey, guys, I have problem with fifa, as you know, transfers between rival teams are NOT allowed in fifa, but obiviously this is not what's going on in real world, so I wonder if there is any way to make it happen? just like in Football manager, transfers in the same league or between rival team...
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    Request for Holland's kits

    Hi, guys, who can help me with the Holland's 2008 kits for FIFA07? I found there was someone asking for it in this forum before, but the kits are still unavailable, especially the home one, so I really appreciate it if someone would make it, if a full set, the better. Thank you in advance.
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    Request for kits of Bayern Munich

    I want the home kit of Bayern in '96-'97(the Blun-Red one) and the away kit of '98-'99, maybe they're out of date, but I think they're classic, and so far I can't found them in some other FIFA forum, so I really want some one here can do me a favor, thanks in advance!! Here is the website link...