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    Paulv2k4 FIFA 16 GP & Career Mod

    Fantastic work Paul. Thank you for your cl.ini and for documenting it so well too.
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    Graphics by Ron69

    Great balls Ron. Thanks.
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    Scoreboards by Danilo SL

    Amazing Champion's League Scoreboards Danilo SL. Thanks!
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    FIFA 16 Updated Database (8th April)

    Thanks BlackEmporer. Great work.
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    GFX Mod

    Great work Federico! Thanks for all the screenshot comparisons too.
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    Controller & Custom Settings Not Saving

    If anyone knows a fix to save a second xbox360 controller custom settings, please post.
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    Controller & Custom Settings Not Saving

    They haven't fixed this yet from last year? *sigh* I wonder if there is anywhere to contact EA about this bug. It would be such an easy fix, I imagine.
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    No Custom Formations?

    Cool Bangus. Do you export to excel to do such global edits?
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    No Custom Formations?

    Thanks for your help, Bangus. (Y) Editing the default_teamsheets table I have now some custom tactics saved for teams and available in game. Do you know is it possible to edit the default team tactics though, so the AI will use them by default for a few teams? Otherwise one can always...
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    No Custom Formations?

    Bangus, would you be so kind as to tell me which row in the DB you edit for both custom and default formations? Hopefully this is useful to xPr0metheus too. I have been editing the 'default_teamsheets' and 'teams' rows to adjust default buildup play etc, but I am not seeing the changes in...
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    FIFA 16 Editing Discussion Thread (Please Read Before Creating A Thread)

    Has anyone had any luck modding the season in the demo or getting the new weather types? ie. hazy, partly cloudy, foggy, random variable rain showers and variable flurries. I have tried changing the weather and season values in the db/fifasettings column but they don't seem to have an effect...
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    DrDoooMuk Graphics

    Beautiful adboards Dr. Well done.
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    crabshank's Graphics

    Nice to see some new adboards in the demo. Thanks.
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    FIFA 16 Demo + Clubs Pack

    Freda0, welcome back to the Soccergaming forums. Forgive bangus. The women's teams were presumably dropped to make room for the extra men's teams. And yes, ideally that info should have been in the first post. If you use some sort of mod manager, like the one linked below, you can turn mods...
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    FIFA 16 LOD Fix

    Great mod. Thanks. Is it possible to use this with benqbiggis extra teams mod? It also uses a modified
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    FIFA 16 Demo + Clubs Pack

    Amazing work again, benqbiggis. Great teams. I love the third kit options too. Thank you. Vai Brasil!
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    FIFA 16 Demo Tweaker

    Very nice previews and great work. If you enable the practice arena can you escape out to the main menu and play a match after you have had enough practice?
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    FIFA 16 Demo Database

    Thanks for the clear and patient explanations in this thread everyone. Your answers are sure to help more than one person. Has anyone had any luck modding the database to get the new weather conditions in FIFA 16? ie. hazy, partly cloudy, foggy, random variable rain showers and variable flurries.
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    FIFA 16 LOD Fix

    Thanks Cesc. Great fix.
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    Demo Skip Intro Patcher

    I found it a very useful too - a big time saver for me. No crashes so far. Thanks Monkeydragon!