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    Teach Me how to make goalkeeper glove...

    can someone teach and tell me on how to make goalkeeper glove? what is the software that you all use.. i got fed up to waiting my request to be done.. so long to wait..:nape::confused: hope someone will help me.. God Bless Us.. PenTIum:cool::D
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    How to make Kit and minikit? teach me.

    can someone teach me how to make kit and minikits.? what is the software that you use? i want to design my own team kits..:33vff3o::bob: thank you.. PenTium.
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    glove request

    i want to request my favorite glove..
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    world xi jersey

    can some one make me a world xi jersey with minikits..??
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    change armband with

    i cannot change the armband with CM09..can anyone help me please??????:blush:
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    nike and adidas training kit...

    can someone help me make this????
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    umbro kit..

    can someone make this?? thanks you..
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    adidas glove..

    can anyone make this glove for me??
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    i want to delete my account..

    how can i delete my account??
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    can some one here make the manchester united goalkeeper BEN FOSTER... Thanks....;)
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    Goalkeeper Glove

    can anyone here do a goalkeeper glove..????