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    Cheat Engine Help

    Hi, I have a request to someone who has advanced CE knowledge and skill: Can you find out some static values, which write the dynamic values I want to edit, for me? Here are the exact values i have to scan everytime i want to edit them...
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    NilmarJunior's Minifaces

    Hello guys, and welcome to my Miniface Thread Downloads for all of my Minifacepacks: Real Madrid Castilla Benfica Spain U21 Netherlands U21 Requests are allowed
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    NilmarJunior's Minifaces

    moved this thread to the Faces Forum this one can be deleted...
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    Change Boot Names?

    Hello, i just wanted to know if there is a way how to change the name of a created Boot. e.g. i created a Boot with the ID of 240 (didnt exist before), so when i open the eng_us.db i just add a new Line with the Name of the Boot, the ID and the Hash-ID (could someone explain me what a Hash-ID...