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    Gianluca Zambrotta For Moddingway 2.91 (Legends)

    Guys I have made Gianluca Zambrotta for classic Italy Here it is the CreationMaster patch that adds the player to classic Italy.!gtxBlDDB!dL-V6bBJisJUhouLLv5KanE5iCxedXyDb3qJ8jDSjoY Here's the preview
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    Pro Club Player ID?

    guys i don'è remember.. Which is the proclub player iD?
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    Importing Classic Players From 15 Moddingway To 16

    If anyone had this idea, I did it, and as suspected a few models are not converteble. Some bodies shapes, eyes, and hair models. I have the files compressed in the .cmp, I will share it if you want, and the names just need to be added from creation master.
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    Export From Blender With FIFA-15-3D-IE- v0.66.2 Release

    I have made a facemodel with facegen and imported on blender with FIFA-15-3D-IE-v0.66.2release for editing and get a better texture, and then I exported the eyes and face with the same plugin. On fifa 15 it works just fine, but on fifa 16 it looks like this Do I need to wait for a...
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    [HELP] Uncap 30 FPS During Cutscene

    Guys I tried to use Catalyst Control Menager, or Radeon Pro but it doesn't work. Even with the nvidia 840m on the laptop. I'm on windows 10 x64, maybe that's the problem?
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    [Help] FIFA 16 Skip Intro?

    Is there a way to skip the intro, likewise the demo? I tried to use the same files of Monkey Dragons tool, but it doesn't even start.