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    Frosty Editor - cmsettings.ini - CTD When Loading Career

    I have modded FIFA 18's cmsettings.ini with Frosty Editor. I created a mod and use the mod manager to launch the game with the applied mod (edited cmsettings.ini). I can start a new career and play without any issues WITH the edited cmsettings.ini, BUT: As soon as i save my career and try to...
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    Real-Life Schedule In Career Mode

    I'm tired of having 3 matches in 5 days and then again having no matches in 9 days. Can we somehow alter the schedules of the leagues in career mode to their real life counterparts? EDIT: dlc/footballCompEng/Schedules this is supposedly the path all the schedules are located in. Does...
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    Preventing Scheduled Matches

    Is it possible to prevent the game from rescheduling league matches when playing in the champions cup / euro cup, so you have your cup matches in the week and the league matches on the weekend? A lot of my league matches that actually take place at the weekend are now scheduled in the middle...
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    Jerseys in winter?

    One point that is extremely annoying in FIFA 12 to me is you cannot select any summer or winter season before entering the match. That leads to short jersey sleeves in the middle of december - february, only when selecting a rainy or snowy weather condition the players do wear long jerseys no...
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    WEATHER in career mode

    Hey guys! Annoyingly the weather in career mode can't be choosed before starting a match in career mode. I absolutely hate it to play sunny matches at 5.30 - 9.30 p.m. in the middle of winter or playing CL/EL matches in sunny condition instead of having those at night. So is it possible...