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    Unable to load previous games?

    I have a huge problem, I can't load any game that I have saved before :( It just gives me a black screen and send/don't send error after I click on the name of the game. If anyone knows the solution PLEASE help me.:clapwap:
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    G Realistic Gameplay patch

    is it the problem of my game or does the game have to be sooooo long? Is it possible to play with 4 min periods? Its actually really great work :bouncy:
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    Referees Patch 09 - please help with textures, only textures!

    Hi, how are you doing with this patch? When will it be released? I simply cant wait:) Good Luck
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    Problem with adding patches

    When I try to add some patches to my game, it sends me an error shown downwards and after that it gives me a send/don't send error. What should I do? C:\Program Files\EA SPORTS\FIFA 09>fifafs.exe 09.txt fifaFS v.5.2.36 [10/04/08] ALPHA (c) Mania Software, 2001-2008