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    Change Langage

    Hello, do you know how to change commentary languages in match in fifa 21 (PC) ? Thanks
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    Deleted rating

    hello, is it possible to remove the display of the rating of my professional career player? Thank you
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    Question for jersey modification

    Hello, when I modify my jersey with Frosty Editor and then insert it in Frosty Mod Manager my new jersey only appears in the modification of my player but not when I launch a match. I wanted to know why please? What did I forget to do? Thank you
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    Help with Frosty Editor

    Hello, I am contacting you because I would like to modify the Newcastle shirt but I do not know at all how to do with Frosty Editor to import the new one. Would there be any tutorials that you know of so I can get there please? On youtube I can't do it. Or else try to directly edit a Fantasy...