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    Transfer Offers Issues

    I am having trouble getting transfer offers from Spanish clubs with my Player Career Mode. I have tried modifying the transfers.ini file to see if I can receive offers from La Liga Clubs but only seem to receive from Bundesliga and EPL and League 1. I have also edit the players wages and value...
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    Champions Cup Crashing On Player Career Mode ?

    Hello, I am having an issue playing my semi-final on player career mode for champions cup. I skipped the match to see if the regular league game would crash but it does not. When I press play on champions cup match screen goes black and then crashes but not on regular league games. So I went on...
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    How To Export Boots In Blender?

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    Boots by 22FIFA

    Here is my first pair of boots. It is important to understand this is a beta version. I created this under an hour so you can imagine how rushed this project was made. I have little time with sense I have web dev school and cant spent as much time making pretty boots as much. I only made these...
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    When Will Creation Master 16 Be Out?

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    FIFA 16 Adidas Boot Pack

    Hello guys! Here is 5 unique FIFA 16 Adidas boots. Use them for the demo or for FIFA 15 if you like. image and .rx3 files included. I will post more boots tomorrow. Enjoy! :ewan:
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    Adidas Boot Pack FIFA 16

    Hello guys! Here is 5 unique adidas boots from FIFA 16. Use them for the demo or for older versions of FIFA. :mike:
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    i68Controller Compatibility Issues With Windows 10

    FIFA 15 is trying to delete my squad setting hence I will loose my career progress. I installed the Real Vision graphics mod and it wasn't compatible with windows 8.1/10 which I have installed on my PC. So I deleted the Real Vision files from the FIFA 15 directory and tried to regenerate with...
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    FIFA 15 Update Wont Install, Cant Play Game!

    hello guys! I am having an issues with origin. It say its updating FIFA 15, but ones its finished updating the game the box art of fifa on origin indicated that fifa needs to update or else I cant play the game. I dont want to go offline because I want online feature so dont suggest that. Thanks!
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    FIFA 15 Grass Foot Print Problem

    Hey guy! I would like to know if there is any way to edit the grass on the pitch so that players foot steps dont stay marked on the grass. I hate how the pitch looks like after 3 minutes into the match. I would like to know how to remove that so that the grass stays clean and free from foot...
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    Welcome To My YouTube Be A Pro Series

    Hello all! I have recently started uploading gameplay for my Be A Pro offline career. I have uploaded my first three games already to my YouTube channel and will continue to do so for future matches. There will be no commentary from me. It'll all be simply gameplay videos of about 15-17...
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    How To Increase Club Budgets Be A Pro Mode?

    Hello guys! I've been playing as an offline virtual pro (be a pro) with barcelona for almost 6 seasons. I've just about won everything with barca and I want to move on to a new challenge, but my value is too high ($132 million) and only one club makes me offers (PSG). I guess that is because...
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    15 Be A Pro Offline Simulating World Cup?

    Hello guys I have been playing FIFA 15 be a pro offline for 4 seasons now and I have finally made it to the world cup squad except for one problem... I am not able to play the games. I jave a 90 rating on my player and I am in the starting 11 team. I am able to play friendlies with Mexico but...
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    Any Tool To Replace Kits and Boots Yet?

    Hello guys, is there any tool available out there that replaces kits and boots for fifa 15 yet? Please, I'd like to know. thank you :clapwap:
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    FIFA 15 Language Menu Blank After EA Update

    Todays I started origins up to play FIFA 15 and it asked me to update it, so I did. The game started up no problem I played a couple matches then I exited the game to do some other stuff. when I started the game up again Ithe window where the language selector with the flags should be is gone...
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    Editing Tools ?

    Any editing tools for fifa 15 yet that we can use?:mambo:
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    Not Able To Minimize The Game Window

    Hello Guys I'm having this issue with fifa 15 not being able to minimize the game window to my desktop screen. For example if I'm playing music or a podcast in the background sometimes I want to change station or song and I can't because the minimize windows 8 button on the keyboard won't...
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    Amazing Goals Thread!

    Hello guys I want to start this thread for posting videos or YouTube links to any and all amazing goals that you guys score I FIFA. I will be posting my own here with about every link to my channel and you'll see mostly from my be a pro player career. Thanks!